Corporate Charades: Office Roleplay Quartet

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: $50-$200

Get into character with your partner and explore the dynamics of power, negotiation, and intrigue in a professional setting with these four business-themed roleplay scenarios. Utilize professional greetings and introductory phrases to kickstart your pretend corporate encounters.

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  • In 'The Big Pitch', one of you is a hotshot entrepreneur, the other a potential investor. The entrepreneur must convince the investor why their startup is worth sinking capital into. Use your charm and business jargon to win them over, and close the deal with a personalized 'investment'.
  • Take on 'The New Hire' scenario where one plays the role of a high-powered CEO and the other is the latest addition to the company. The CEO takes the new recruit under their wing, showing them the ropes. Remember, first impressions count, so be sure to introduce yourselves officially before diving into the mentorship.
  • 'Merger Negotiations' puts you both as heads of rival companies looking to form a strategic alliance. Begin the encounter with formal introductions and handshake. Proceed with caution, as in any negotiation, and use your persuasive skills to dominate the discussion or to find a mutually beneficial agreement.
  • 'The Boardroom Talent' scenario transforms one partner into a headhunter for a Fortune 500 company and the other into a highly sought-after executive. Formal greetings set the stage for a high-stakes interview that may just end with an enticing offer that's too good to resist.

Preparation steps:

  • Each partner should prepare a brief backstory to their character, brushing up on some common business lingo and phrases for authenticity. Choose professional attire that makes you feel powerful and confident.
  • Set the stage for your roleplay by organizing a space akin to an office environment. This should include a desk, chairs, and any typical office supplies like laptops, notepads, pens, and perhaps documents to review.
  • Develop an outline of how the interaction might go, including potential deals, negotiations, or challenges you might face. But leave enough room for improvisation - the best roleplays often include unexpected twists!

You may need

Some tips:

  • Study some basic business terminology and phrases to make the roleplay feel more realistic and engaging. Words like 'synergy', 'leverage', and 'ROI' can bring your scenario to life.
  • Maintain your role throughout the scenario, even when things start to heat up. Staying in character adds depth and excitement to the roleplay experience.
  • Ensure that both partners are comfortable with the scenario and boundaries have been set. Safe words can be incorporated as 'eject' buttons if things start heading in an uncomfortable direction.

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