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Cops and Robbers Roleplay

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: $50

This is an adrenaline-driven lovers' rendezvous where one partner takes on the role of a tough, persuasive criminal and the other is a determined policewoman. Taking place indoors perfect for the Melbourne weather, this scene fulfils the power play and leadership dynamics that Jamie enjoys.

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  • Our roleplay begins as Jamie, the smooth criminal, is conducting his latest heist at home. He's tough and fearless, stopping at nothing to get what he wants, but tonight, he'll be meeting his match. His partner, playing the role of the policewoman, responds to a call about a break-in at their location. She bursts through the door, looking imposing in her police-themed attire and orders Jamie to freeze.
  • Caught red-handed, Jamie tries his persuasive abilities to escape the situation, but the policewoman isn't easy to sway. There's a palpable tension as the policewoman closes in and subdues her suspect. He's a dangerous man, and she must be diligent and exude stern dominance to keep him in line.
  • Eventually, Jamie is cuffed, the policewoman maintaining her fierce dominance, reminding him that he is under her control. From here, the couple can explore the captor-captive dynamic in any way they see fit, keeping the setting consensual, safe, and exciting.

Preparation steps:

  • First of all, your partner might want to invest in a sexy adult policewoman costume as well as a pair of handcuffs to truly sell the part. Meanwhile, Jamie can dress up as a charismatic criminal, fitting the description of a tough rogue.
  • To make the session even more immersive, scatter some prop money or faux jewellery around the 'crime scene'. It will make the scenario feel more authentic and intensify Jamie's role as a daring criminal.
  • Lastly, both partners should have a thorough and open discussion about their respective roles, and boundaries of the game should be well established. It's crucial to ensure that each person is comfortable and feels safe during the roleplay.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Always have a safe word established before starting the roleplay. This ensures that the activity remains fun and safe. Jamie's partner in the policewoman role should ensure that they retain a strong tone and dominant stance to maintain character.
  • Remember to stay in character as much as possible throughout, this enhances the fun and makes the roleplay a thrilling experience. But don't forget that the primary aim is for both of you to enjoy yourselves.
  • You could even add a compelling element of suspense by having the 'criminal' leave cryptic notes for the 'policewoman' to decipher, adding more depth to the roleplay. This could even become a fun game within the already exciting roleplay setup.

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