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College Classmates Reunion

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $50

Step back in time, where you and your sweetheart were innocent college students. Taking place in the cozy setting of your home, this intimate roleplay scenario invites you to reminisce about the good old days. Brooke, with her charming sweetness and sexy voice, will take on the role of your alluring college mate, making this a nostalgic and sensual experience.

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  • Welcome back to college life, where notebooks, coffee, and late-night study sessions reign supreme. You both are classmates who have long harbored secret feelings for each other. One cold November night in Ottawa, you decide to have a study session at home, where things start to heat up. Brooke, with her charming sweetness and enticing voice, easily slips into her role as your college crush, offering to help with your studies. The flirtatious exchange of intellect and laughter gradually deepens into burning desire under the guise of 'studying'.
  • This roleplay scenario does not end here. As the first paragraph of your study session concludes, tension builds. You gradually find yourselves transitioning from a scholarly discussion to a devoted exploration of each other. Get creative and playful with the use of textbooks and stationary, with light touches and lingering gazes. Amid the dry pages of academia, let a sultry romance bloom.
  • Closing the final chapter of this roleplay, let it be the big reveal, the confession of mutual passion that had been hidden all this time. Remember, the essence lies not in rushing things, but in savoring each moment. A slow, passionate climax to this scenario will leave you both satisfied and longing for more.

Preparation steps:

  • Preparation for this nostalgic evening is fairly simple as it requires elements usually available at home. Firstly, turn your living room or any preferred room into a cosy study area. Arrange for a study table, a couple of chairs, notebooks, and textbooks relevant to the subjects you want to pretend studying. Don’t forget pens, highlighters, post-it notes and coffee mugs for a more authentic experience.
  • Next, set up soft, warm lighting for a comfortable and invigorating study environment. A small desk lamp would also work wonders to enhance the mood. To complement the light, play some soft, soothing music in the background, preferably acoustic or instrumental.
  • As for your outfits, opt for comfortable, casual clothes. You could both dress up in cozy sweaters and jeans, invoking a quintessential college look. Complete Brooke's look with a pair of cute glasses, if she’s comfortable with that, to enhance her characters charm.

You may need

Some tips:

  • To make this roleplay experience more enjoyable, always remember to respect each other’s boundaries. Communication is key. Discuss any props or roleplay actions you both are comfortable with.
  • Maintain the atmosphere of anticipation and playfulness throughout the evening. Compliment Brooke for her intelligence, charm, and the attractive voice that inevitably reminds you of your college days. Engage in playful debates, surprise quizzes, and don’t forget those moments when your fingers ‘accidentally’ brush against each other.
  • At the end of this evening, let these college characters linger. The next day you can share a joke, an internal reference, or perhaps use a special word that lets the other person know you're reminiscing about last night's session. This will extend your connection beyond the scenario and deepen your bond.

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