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Clean Up Capers

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: $0 - Free

In this role-playing scenario, one partner takes the role of a mean, lazy guy engrossed in his video games with a room constantly in need of cleaning. The other partner takes the role of a cleaning fanatic who can't resist the urge to tidy up that mess, while using her charms to catch his attention.

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  • The night begins with Jake lounged on the couch, engrossed in his video games. Unbothered by the mess around him, he finds his world within the television screen. Meanwhile, his partner, armed with cleaning tools and clad in a sexy cleaner's outfit, enters the room. Her task is to clean up the mess he has created. She tiptoes around him, bending over to pick up items, dusting off surfaces close to him.
  • An intentional 'accident' spills some water near Jake, urging him to lend out a hand. He has to make an effort and pause his video gaming, getting off the couch to help out. As his distraction and participation increases, the flirtatious cleaning fanatic rewards him with a massage, a kiss, or teasing touches, depending on how helpful he has been.
  • As the apartment gets cleaner and Jake gets more distracted from his game, the flirty exchange advances into a passionate encounter. Between playful fights, shared jokes, and flirtatious teasing, cleaning the room has never been so fun!

Preparation steps:

  • The first thing you'll need to do is to make sure your room is cluttered enough to enhance the scenario. Leave a couple of clothes, used plates, video game accessories around. Prepare the cleaning tools that will be needed, like a duster, spray bottle, cloth etc. The cleaning fanatic will need to wear an attractive cleaning outfit to entice the gamer.
  • Get your desired video game ready. The game should be engaging but also not too absorbing for Jake. The game needs to be paused often so Jake can give attention to his cleaning lover.
  • Set the ambiance light and include some background music to make the settings more real. Set a playful, flirtatious mood to lighten the atmosphere and bring on the fun.

You may need

Some tips:

  • If you're playing the gamer, play nicely. You're supposed to be a bit mean and lazy, but don't overdo it. Be sure to play your part of sometimes ignoring the cleaning girl but also restraining your video gaming addiction to help her out occasionally.
  • If you're playing the cleaning fanatic, use confident, flirty language and actions. Your task is to distract the gamer from his game, so be assertive, playful, and captivating. Make sure you remember this is a game and have a safe word in case things go too far.
  • Behind the scenario vision is a cleaning activity that can be fun, tantalizing, and sexy. Make the most of it by being open to each other's chars and preferences. Take turns to keep things equal.

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