Choco-Hiking Adventure at Patuxent Research Refuge date idea illustration

Choco-Hiking Adventure at Patuxent Research Refuge

Duration: 4-6 hours
Budget: $50-$100

A fun outdoor excursion which combines scenic hiking trails with a sweet chocolate tasting adventure.

  • Your adventure begins at the gates of the Patuxent Research Refuge, a beautiful nature preserve that doesn’t disappoint for those who love the outdoors. You'll start your hike following a series of clues left by your partner, leading to hidden chocolates along the way. This adds a fun, engaging element to your hike.
  • You'll be treated to stunning views of the refuge's diverse wildlife and ecosystems, while satisfying your sweet tooth with every chocolate you find. Finish the hike with a picnic where you'll share a special, hand-picked box of chocolates, perched on a hill overlooking the idyllic scenery.
  • As sunset approaches, snuggle together and soak in the natural beauty of the surroundings while reminiscing about your chocolate adventure. Don't forget to click a romantic sunset selfie to capture this memorable day.

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Preparation steps:

  • Firstly, you'll need to select and purchase assorted chocolates that your partner loves. Hide them along the trail while your partner is not looking.
  • Get the necessary hiking gear ready. Ensure you have a sturdy and comfortable set of hiking shoes, as well as suitable clothing. Don't forget a backpack to carry water and snacks.
  • Decide on a trail that both you and your partner will enjoy. Patuxent Research Refuge has a variety of trails suitable for all experience levels. Check the weather forecast in advance and plan your date accordingly.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Always keep a map of the refuge and a compass handy to navigate through the trails. You can also use a GPS enabled device, but do not rely on it solely, as signal can sometimes fluctuate in the wilderness.
  • Be sure to wear comfortable clothes suitable for hiking. Apply sunscreen and bug repellent, and don't forget a hat and sunglasses. Stay hydrated and take regular breaks.
  • After your hike, it would be a good idea to relax with a refreshing drink and look back on the day's adventure. The sunset at Patuxent Research Refuge is worth the wait and will be the perfect end to a day of adventure and sweet surprises.

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