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Checkup Fantasy: Doctor-Patient Encounter

Duration: 1-2 hours
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In this roleplay scenario, intrigue and anticipation build up as a dedicated 'gynecologist' manages an intimate 'examination' of their 'patient.' Set within the privacy of their home, the couple will dive into a dynamic full of care, trust, and playful exploration, drawing from the classic doctor-patient fantasy.

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  • The 'patient' starts by scheduling an 'appointment' with the 'doctor,' playing up the anticipation. She's been feeling a bit 'off' lately and needs a thorough check-up. As she enters the 'clinic,' created in their bedroom, she's asked to fill out a flirtatious 'medical form' detailing her 'symptoms' and her 'previous experiences' with pleasurable outcomes.
  • The 'doctor,' fully attired in their medical coat with a name badge, welcomes the 'patient' with professionalism. After reviewing the 'patient's' concerns, the 'doctor' assures her that they will conduct a comprehensive 'examination' to address any 'discomfort'. The 'doctor' starts with a standard check-up, heightening the patient's senses with each 'test' that gets progressively more intimate.
  • With each stage of the 'examination,' from listening to the heart and lungs to the 'specialized gynecological assessment,' both the 'doctor' and 'patient' deepen their characters. The 'doctor' maintains a soothing dialogue, reassuring the 'patient' throughout the process, leading to a 'discovery' of how certain 'treatments' can be really 'enjoyable' and should be 'practiced regularly.'

Preparation steps:

  • The first step involves setting up the 'clinic' with items available at home, such as a desk for consultation, a bed as an 'examination table,' and ambient lighting to create a calming atmosphere in the 'examination room.'
  • The 'doctor' will prep by wearing a white lab coat or a crisp white shirt to signify their role, along with a stethoscope - a real one if they have it, or perhaps a toy from a Halloween costume for authenticity. Name badges can be made out of paper and safety pins for an added touch.
  • The 'patient' will need to wear a loose-fitting gown or robe that can be easily opened or adjusted. Ensuring comfort and ease of movement is key, as is the ability to create a sense of vulnerability and trust for the 'patient' in the 'doctor's' care.

You may need

Some tips:

  • The 'doctor' should always maintain a professional demeanor, being gentle and reassuring to build trust and excitement.
  • The 'patient' can express vulnerability and curiosity, asking questions about the 'procedures' to enhance the realism.
  • Both participants should establish safe words or signals beforehand for their comfort and security during the roleplay.

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