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Chase of Passion: Cop and Robber edition

Duration: 4-5 hours
Budget: $500

This roleplay scenario will take you and your partner on a chase like no other as it escalates into a passionate evening. One of you is the cop, maintaining law and order, while the other is a charming robber, bending the rules for their own benefit. This exciting roleplay scenario allows you to playfully explore different sides of your relationship. The tantalizing escape and chase through the city's top locations paint a vibrant backdrop for your intimate evening.

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  • The game begins with the 'robber' getting a head start, relocating to one of the decided iconic spots in Los Angeles. The 'cop' is then left with clues to find their way to the robber, turning on their charm to convince the 'robber' to give up. The chase continues and ends up at a secluded, romantic spot overlooking the city. Don't be shy to flirt, tease, and maintain the energy of the chase throughout the evening.
  • The escape leads to a swanky local bar where the 'cop' manages to corner the 'robber'. Here, the intensity of the game builds up as you both engage in a playful banter over drinks. Just when the 'cop' thinks they have the 'robber', the latter slips away, leaving another clue behind.
  • Finally, the chase ends at a beautiful, romantic spot overlooking the city where the 'cop' catches up with the 'robber'. Maybe the 'robber' surrenders, or convinces the 'cop' that some rules are worth bending - either way, you'll be guided by your chemistry and the playful dynamic of your characters.

Preparation steps:

  • This role play requires investing in certain attire for the play. Purchase 'Sexy adult' costumes for a cop and a robber to get into character. A safe word is important to ensure comfort throughout the roleplay. Arrange your transportation well in advance to easily move from location to location. Remember, the roleplay starts and ends at home, so ensure you set the scene before you leave.
  • Both of you should agree on pre-decided spots throughout Los Angeles for the chase to occur. Leave intriguing clues for the 'cop' to follow, these could be hand-written notes, voice messages or even a GPS location - make it creative. The partner who's the cop should keep an open mind and enjoy the thrill of decoding the clues.
  • The 'robber' should plan the final destination to be a secluded, romantic spot, perfect for the climax of your adventure. On the other hand, the 'cop' should prepare some clever pick-up lines or flirtatious comments to add an extra dash of unpredictability to the scenario.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Remember that the goal is to have fun and experience something unique together. Don't worry too much about staying strictly in character. The key is to get loose and enjoy your time.
  • Always respect each other's boundaries. The scenario may involve flirting, chasing, and playfulness, but it's crucial that you both are comfortable with every aspect. That's why setting a safe word beforehand is essential.
  • Make use of the romantic venues like Griffith Observatory or secluded beaches as your final stop. These are perfect for unwinding, laughing about your chase, and transitioning into a more intimate atmosphere.

Recommended locations:

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