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CEO and Secretary Office Roleplay

Duration: About 2 hours
Budget: $0

Let the boardroom turn into a private erotic playground in a tantalizing boss-secretary roleplay scenario. Suffused with power dynamics and intrigue, this erotic roleplay will allow you to explore dominance and submission in a vanilla yet intense manner.

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  • In this scenario, the gentleman plays a successful, dominant CEO, while the lady embodies the role of his submissive yet highly professional secretary. Spend your day in an indoor setting, transformed into a boardroom scenario with you two at the heart of it. Look the part, with dress up being a crucial aspect of this scenario, perfectly embodying the roles you're about to play.
  • As the day progresses, the 'CEO' can make 'work-related' demands to his 'secretary', increasing the tension between them. This business-as-usual environment slowly evolves into a steamy session of heightened sensations and ultimate erotic submission.
  • Ensure that the dynamics stay within your comfort bubble and the 'CEO' remains mindful of the 'Secretary's' boundaries, keeping the intensity and aggression at a level that both enjoy. The play ends with the pent up sexual tension resolving into an intense erotic encounter, ensuring both the 'CEO' and the 'Secretary' get to enjoy their after-office 'benefits'.

Preparation steps:

  • Start with setting up the stage. Transform your bedroom into an office setup. You can place a table, a few chairs, a laptop, and some files to give it a professional look. Dressing up is a crucial part of the scenario. The 'CEO' can wear a well-tailored suit while the 'Secretary' can be dressed in a professional skirt and blouse. Make sure to keep it as real as possible to enhance the roleplay experience.
  • Decide on safe words. This is particularly important in scenarios that involve domination and submission. The safe word should immediately stop all activities.
  • Lastly, ensure open communication about what you're comfortable with and what boundaries should not be crossed. This is essential for making the experience enjoyable for both.

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Some tips:

  • Focus on playfulness, not perfection, when acting out your roles. Roleplay is about fun and exploring fantasies, so don't worry if you mess up or break character.
  • Keep communication lines open during the scene. Continual consent is a necessity in domination scenarios, and even a subtle discomfort should be immediately addressed.
  • Remember to de-role after the scenario, where you let go of your characters and shift back into reality. This can aid in differentiating reality from the roleplay and avoiding any potential misgivings.

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