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Captivity and Tickling Adventure

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: Free

Relinquish control and engage in playful subversion. This playful indoor roleplay scenario combines elements of captivity with tickling and foot licking for immense enjoyment! Free your toes and let your partner discover every nook and cranny of your feet. This is all about love, trust, compatibility, and keeping warm during the freezing German November!

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  • The evening begins as your partner 'kidnaps' you in your own home. Blindfolded and bound, you can feel the suspense creeping up as you submit to your captor's will. As he takes control, he starts exploring your feet. His fingers move from gentle strokes to playful tickles, sending waves of laughter and pleasure through your body. The blindfold intensifies every sensation, and the tickling becomes a wild game of ecstasy and surrender. With every giggle, there's a tantalizing promise of foot licking, as your partner takes his sweet time to explore your feet and satisfy his foot fetish.
  • As the anticipation grows, your partner finally moves to foot licking. He starts by teasingly licking your toes, gradually moving to the soles of your feet. The mixture of playful laughter from tickling and soothing pleasure from foot licking creates a unique experience that will bring you two closer.
  • And, when you thought that the fun is over, your partner unbinds you, and the tables are turned. Now it's your turn to capture your lover, to tickle and pamper his feet, to explore the contours of his foot with your tongue, and to listen to his laughter and moans. This game of dominance and submission with a twist of laughter and pleasure will surely be an unforgettable experience.

Preparation steps:

  • First things first, you need to have a safe, warm, and comfortable space to play your game. A living room with a plush carpet or big sofa will work perfectly. Make sure you both are dressed comfortably, preferably in loose clothes that allow easy access to the feet.
  • Prep your scene. Get some nice fluffy blankets and cushions to make your 'captive' comfortable. You might want to get some soft rope or a good quality pair of handcuffs for the role-play element of captivity. Remember, safety first! Make sure the binding is secure, but not too tight. And don't forget a blindfold to heighten the sense of anticipation and sensory play.
  • Lastly, have some good foot cream or oil nearby. This would add a nice touch when you move on to the foot licking part. Foot cream would also ensure the foot stays moisturized, soft, and irresistible.

You may need

Some tips:

  • To make this scenario work, communication is key. Before starting, talk about your limits, safe words, and how to indicate when you’re uncomfortable. Respect each other’s boundaries, and make the scene fun, comfortable, and safe for both of you.
  • Keeping the room temperature warm is essential to ensure comfort in the colder month of November. Plus, it will make the tickling and foot licking even more enjoyable.
  • Finally, remember that this is all about love, trust, and shenanigans. Don't take the game too seriously. Laugh, giggle, and let loose. The most important thing is that both of you enjoy this unique bonding time together.

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