Captive Chronicles: The Archivist and The Soldier

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $150

Set in the heart of Kyiv, this roleplay scenario explores the fictitious and consensual encounter between a stoic archivist and a daring foreign soldier. Embracing both the thrill of power dynamics and the call for human connection, this scene unfolds indoors during the brisk month of January.

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  • After years of solitude spent among dusty tomes and archived memories, the archivist Yurii finds his routine interrupted by an unexpected and unwelcome visitor. Eliza, a soldier from a foreign land, barges into his sanctuary in search of refuge – or perhaps something more.
  • The room is thick with tension, and despite the language barrier, they communicate through a dance of defiance and discovery. Yurii, feeling both threatened and intrigued, tries to assert his ground, but Eliza, undeterred by his attempts, demonstrates that she is no mere intruder but an equal contender in this game of wills.
  • As the hours pass, the initial animosity blossoms into a reluctant respect. Interests are shared, and barriers are slowly lowered. Could it be that these two souls, brought together by chance in a time of conflict, find solace in each other's company, learning that communication transcends words?

Preparation steps:

  • Yurii, despite the uninvited company, decides to extend a gesture of hospitality, preparing a modest meal that's both comforting and reflective of the local culture, showcasing some traditional Ukrainian recipes that he has archived but never gotten the chance to make.
  • He also takes time to organize his space, creating a semblance of order amid the chaos. Perhaps he arranges some historical artifacts or old records, subtly asserting his domain's intellectual richness, positing himself as a guardian of history against the soldier's perceived threat.
  • Meanwhile, Eliza, despite her military demeanor, brings along her own baggage – not just her gear, but also memories and a softness rarely seen. She takes time to familiarize herself with Yurii's abode, appreciating the relics of a life so different from her own, readying herself for an evening of unexpected companionship.

You may need

Some tips:

  • To truly immerse in the scenario, both participants should take time to study their roles. Yurii may research the life of a soldier to better understand Eliza, and Eliza can study archive-related activities to get closer to Yurii's world.
  • Communication is key, even if it's non-verbal. Use body language, facial expressions, and emotive gestures to convey your feelings and desires throughout the roleplay.
  • Let the scenario evolve naturally. If the power dynamic shifts, or if the characters develop an affinity for each other, go with it. The beauty of roleplay is in its unpredictability and the shared journey of discovery.

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