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Campus Desire

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $50-$150

Experience a thrilling venture into your school days, exploring the intimate bond between a senior and a junior student in a college setup. This scenario carries you back to your youth, but this time, the lesson is all about love, connection, and amorous advents.

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  • One of you becomes the bright, youthful, and high-spirit junior, whereas the other slips into the shoes of the intriguing, respectable, and charismatic senior. The junior attempts to impress the senior by showcasing his gaming skills, leading to a flirtatious video game duel. With playful banter, teasing and a noticeable, growing tension, you realize there is more to this game than just winning.
  • As the night graduates from fun to intense, your eyes lock, and the room brims with unspoken longing. The senior decides to teach the junior a thing or two about the sensual world, turning the tables in a gentle but riveting way. From here on, it's an exploration of your intimate fantasies in a playful, intense student role-play until well into the night.
  • The scenario culminates as you sneak softly into the college band room at night for a private encore. In the dimly lit hall where the faint echoes of instruments linger, the senior student guides the junior to create a melody of passion, building a rhythm together that beats louder than any heart.

Preparation steps:

  • To get this role-play right, you'll need to create your characters vividly. Start by buying sexy adult student uniforms. The junior can lift spirits with classic jeans and a t-shirt, while the senior seduces in a sharp dress shirt and tailored pants.
  • You'll need to convert your space into a college dorm, complete with video games and instruments to maintain authenticity. Use soft ambient lights, posters, and simplicities of a student's life to create an environment that transports you back to your college days.
  • Finally, create a playlist of trendy, youthful songs to add to the ambiance. Practice your roles and invest emotions in your characters. Remember, the charm of this roleplay lies as much in the preparation as in the execution.

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Some tips:

  • Begin the scenario by playing video games together. It's a good ice breaker and gives you ample opportunity to tease, joke around and engage physically as well. Don't rush into the intimate part. The buildup for this role-play scenario is essential. Take time to immerse in your characters, teasing and exploring each other, just as students would do.
  • When things begin to get intimate, let the 'senior' take charge. This role play encapsulates the beauty of submission and domination, so explore that aspect passionately. Remember, it's okay to take things slow, rushing won't help. Make sure the 'junior' takes the lead when it comes to playing instruments together. The reversal of dominance can add an interesting twist.
  • Lastly, open communication is crucial. Make sure you both are comfortable with the role-play elements. Keep the conversation going as it can build chemistry and make the scenario feel more authentic. Discuss your limits, create a safe word, and remember the ultimate goal is to enjoy and create an unforgettable amorous experience.

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