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Business and Pleasure

Duration: 3-4 hours
Budget: $150

Turn an ordinary evening into an intense game of seduction with your partner by indulging in a businessman and secretary roleplay. This scenario takes place in a home turned into an office set up, enabling an exciting play on power dynamics with a gentle feminine touch. This roleplay prioritizes the build-up of anticipation and sensuality, ensuring an immersive and satisfying experience for the participants.

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  • The scenario begins with the businessman, overwhelmed with work, sitting behind his desk in his home office. His secretary, despite the late hour, has stayed behind to help with the mountain of paperwork. With every document handed and glance exchanged, the sexual tension begins to mount until it becomes too palpable to ignore.
  • The businessman, under the pretense of needing assistance with a particularly tricky piece of work, calls his secretary over. As they sit close, their faces inches apart, the businessman slowly leans in, dropping his professional demeanor as the chemistry takes over. However, remembering Hannah's preference for a more slow-paced, sensual encounter, he refrains from moving too fast.
  • The evening continues on with a tug-of-war of power and control, with the desk serving as their battleground. As the businessman and secretary break from their professional boundaries, the home office becomes a space of heightened sensuality. The night ends not with a rushed encounter, but with a slow, intimate and passionate climax that leaves both parties longing for another 'late night at the office'.

Preparation steps:

  • To prepare for this scenario, you would need to set up a space in your home to mimic an office environment. A desk, some paperwork, and a desk lamp would set the mood. Additionally, make sure both participants have suitable attire for their roles. For the businessman, a formal suit, tie, and polished shoes would be suitable, whereas the secretary could don a modest yet seductive dress.
  • Ensure the environment is comfortable and clean to ensure maximum enjoyment. If you can, use dimmed lights to set a seductive mood and slow, soft music to imitate an office after hours.
  • Lastly, establish safe words before you begin. Given the power dynamics involved in the scenario, it is important to have a word or phrase that, when said, stops any action immediately.

You may need

Some tips:

  • To make the roleplay more engaging, consider including office-related tasks that require close interaction, like discussing a file or document. These activities work well to build tension and anticipation.
  • Stay in character as long as possible. Remember, you're not just playing dress-up, you're getting into character. Embrace the roles and incorporate them into your actions and dialogue.
  • Lastly, make sure to regularly check-in on your partner during your roleplay session. Remember, roleplay should be enjoyable for all involved, so ensure that Hannah is comfortable with the power dynamics and the overall scenario at every step. Sexual roleplay is as much about respect and care for your partner as it is about fulfillment and fantasy.

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