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Bus Station Encounter

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $10-$50

Experience the thrill and suspense of meeting someone seemingly for the first time in a setting as mundane yet ripe for storytelling as a bus station. The two of you get to be complete strangers who let fate guide them to an exciting blind encounter.

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  • The scenario begins at the fictional 'Ankara Bus Station.' One partner is at the bus station, having just arrived from a trip. They're wandering around, looking lost and a bit out of place. The other partner should approach them as if they too were waiting for their bus, striking up a conversation. Pretend to be strangers who are drawn to each other, with the conversation slowly becoming flirtier as you both get more comfortable. Play out the rest of the encounter as naturally as possible, letting the situation escalate really slowly.
  • Don't be afraid to take on completely different personas from your real ones. Maybe one of you is an artist coming back from an inspiration trip, while the other is a bookworm who was in the city for a big literature event. The fun in roleplay comes from being someone entirely different for a little while, so let your imagination run wild.
  • Continue the roleplay at home. When the 'bus' finally arrives, it's time to move the action out. Get a taxi (or actually take a bus home), and continue to stay in character all the way back to 'your place'. Keep up the illusion, and the tension, till you can't resist each other anymore. Then let the night unfold naturally.

Preparation steps:

  • You'll need to decide on which characters you're going to play and then dress up accordingly. If one of you is playing an artist, maybe they can have a sketchpad along. If the other is a bookworm, they can carry an interesting book as a conversation starter. Remember, the details in the story add to the excitement.
  • Next, decide on a safe public place to meet up. Ensure it's somewhere you can play out the role without attracting unwanted attention. Talk about your boundaries beforehand, know where the line is for you both and what will remain in character.
  • Lastly, create a backstory for your characters. Why were they traveling? What interesting stories from their 'past' can they share? The more intricate the narrative, the more exciting your roleplay scenario will be.

Some tips:

  • Do not worry about perfection. The scenario is all about fun, excitement, and stepping out of your comfort zones. It's fine if you mess up your lines or break character, just laugh it off and continue.
  • Get detailed with your characters, it does not have to be entirely realistic. After all, you're playing pretend. The attractive element in this scenario is the suspense and the idea of doing something out of the ordinary.
  • Remember to respect each other’s boundaries and have a safe word just in case. It's important to keep the play safe and comfortable for you both. Remember to enjoy yourselves and keep an open mind.

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