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Bully in the Playground

Duration: 3 to 4 hours
Budget: $400-$500

In this thrilling scenario, set in New York's buzzing playground during the day, you and your partner will be role-playing as a bully girl and bullied guy. This scenario is perfect for those who want to explore an unexpected role-play in a public, yet discrete setting. With a high budget, you can invest in some luxury items to enhance your experience and make it a memorable day out in the autumn sun.

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  • You and your partner will select a suitable public playground basketball court in New York where you won't be disturbed. The woman is the dominant 'bully' girl, and the man is the innocent 'bullied' boy. A flirty basketball game provides the bully girl an easy route to pick on the bullied boy for his game's 'shortcomings'. As the tension escalates, the woman remains assertive, taunting her partner playfully as they find a quieter spot away from prying eyes. You both continue this power play, with the man eventually standing up to the bully woman in a passionate twist.
  • This scenario will require acting skills and a mutual understanding of your roles. Discreetness is key, make sure to pick a day and time where the playground isn't too crowded. Most of all, enjoy the reversal of roles and the thrilling anticipation that builds up during the role-play.
  • Consider starting off the story near a café before moving to the playground. This would give the characters a chance to establish a dynamic with aggressive flirting and teasing conversation aiding in setting up a realistic scenario.

Preparation steps:

  • Selecting an appropriate wardrobe to fit your characters is the first step in setting the scene. The woman, as the bully girl, would want to dress in a 'dominant' outfit. Think 'Sexy adult sporty outfit': a tennis skirt, sports bra, and high tops would be a good option. Alternatively, a 'Sexy adult tomboy' outfit might also work depending on her character's style. The man would ideally be in a more 'innocent' outfit, a simple t-shirt and shorts perhaps, to contrast her dominance.
  • As this scenario takes place outdoors, be sure to check weather forecasts beforehand and arrive early enough to claim your spot in the playground. Make sure to carry your outfits and other materials in a backpack to change into on location. Carrying a whistle for the 'bully girl' could add a spicy prop to increase the level of fun in the game.
  • Make sure boundaries and safe words are discussed and mutually agreed upon beforehand. Remember, the goal here is to create a fantasy that blurs reality momentarily, and both of you should feel comfortable and safe while engaging in role-playing.

You may need

Some tips:

  • To enhance the 'bully girl and bullied boy' dynamic further, you could add in some pre-agreed 'punishments' for the 'bully' to administers to her 'victim'. This can add elements of surprise and excitement to your game.
  • For the best playground experience, try to visit during off-peak times when the playground is less crowded. Weekdays in the afternoon are usually the best periods for this.
  • To increase the realism and thrill of your role-playing scenario, consider using a code word to initiate the game even before you reach the playground. This way, the game has already begun before you even step on the court.

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