Breakfast in Bed, Egyptian Style date idea illustration

Breakfast in Bed, Egyptian Style

Duration: 5-6 hours
Budget: $200 - $250

Start your day with a culinary adventure in the heart of Cairo and end it with a romantic breakfast in bed.

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  • You and Taylor, your partner, will start your day with an indulgent hands-on cooking experience learning about traditional Egyptian cuisine. The cooking session will be held in a comfortable, private environment where an professional chef will guide you both to prepare an exotic, Egyptian breakfast. Enjoy the hands-on experience, savor the taste of your hard work, and learn interesting traditions and stories about Egyptian cuisine. After cooking, quickly clean up the mess together, which can be another fun part of the experience.
  • After the cooking session, take your breakfast and head to your bedroom for a romantic breakfast in bed. Create an inviting ambiance with soft-lit candles, sensuous music, and comfortable pillows. Feed each other the delectable food you both have prepared while savoring the rich flavors. The intimate atmosphere will help build up the romantic tension between you two.
  • The scenario does not end there. As the day heats up in Cairo, let the breakfast turn into a beautiful, sensual play. Engage in light flirting, peppering sweet nothings into each other’s ears. Let your imagination guide you towards a desirable finale.

Preparation steps:

  • To prepare for this scenario, first, you should book a private cooking class. It's easy to find cooking classes in Cairo that specialize in Egyptian cuisine. Choose one that can accommodate what you and Taylor are comfortable with, ensuring you both have a hands-on experience. Talk to the chef beforehand to understand the cuisine details, and ensure to inform him about any food allergy either of you might have.
  • Clean your bedroom and turn it into a cozy nest for the later part of the scenario with soft, warm blankets and extra pillows. Plug in some aromatic diffusers to make the room smell pleasant and soothing. Pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene, knowing the food will be served there. Remember to set the air conditioning to comfortable levels to beat Cairo's mid-day temperature.
  • Next, decide on some soft, romantic music playlist and keep it ready. The music should be slow and soft, providing an aural backdrop that is comforting and erotic.
  • Finally, arrange some comfortable, attractive clothing for the both of you. It makes no sense to dress up in heavy attire. Go for light, breezy, comfortable and of course, sexy to keep the mood going.

Some tips:

  • The purpose of this scenario is to have a fun cooking experience together laced with romance. While focusing on the cooking part, do not forget to steal a few flirty moments to keep the chemistry buzzing.
  • Given that Cairo's October can be hot, ensure to stay hydrated and have some refreshing drinks handy. Egyptian Sharbat, a traditional refreshing drink could be a perfect pick-me-up for the day.
  • Remember to respect each other's tempo. If one of you is not comfortable with the pace of things, slow down and take a breather. The objective is to have fun, after all. Also, keeping an open line of communication is key to an enjoyable roleplay experience.

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