Boston Hidden Gems Exploration date idea illustration

Boston Hidden Gems Exploration

Duration: Around 6 hours
Budget: $30-$50

Boston, steeped in history, is the perfect playground for couples seeking unusual and exciting date activities. This relaxing date idea involves touring the less well-known attractions of Boston, exploring the city's quaint markets, historic libraries, and unexpectedly beautiful views.

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  • For this date, you'll be spending the day exploring the lesser-known spots of Boston. Start your day with a leisurely walk around the scenic Jamaica Pond. Afterwards, head over to the SoWa Open Market where you can browse through a variety of local goods, grab a bite to eat, and even enjoy some live music.
  • Afterwards, take a visit to the Boston AthenΓ¦um, one of the oldest independent libraries in the United States, where you can marvel at the beautiful architecture, the diverse collection of books, as well as the stunning artwork. Cap off your date with a beautiful view across the city from the hidden gem that is the Marriott's Custom House observation deck.
  • It's not about the places you go, but the journey you're on together. This is a time to laugh, relax, and most importantly, make long-lasting memories together.

Preparation steps:

  • To prepare for the date, you should gather information about the places you'll visit. Find out their operating hours and any entry requirements. Dress comfortably, since you should expect to do a fair amount of walking.
  • No outing is complete without food. Consider packing a picnic to enjoy at Jamaica Pond or plan on eating at one of the food stalls at the SoWa Open Market. Don't forget your camera, the places you're going to provide ample photographic opportunities.
  • Ensure you have money for any admission fees, as well as any unexpected expenses. Although this is a low-budget date, you wouldn't want to be caught short in case of any spontaneous buys or surprise activities.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Check the weather forecast in advance and plan accordingly. For instance, pack an umbrella or sunscreen as needed.
  • Even if you and your partner have lived in Boston for years, approach this date with the mind of a tourist. This will help you see your city in a new light.
  • Finally, communicate and be flexible. If one stop isn't as exciting as you thought, feel free to move on to the next. This date is less about a strict itinerary and more about the shared experience of discovering new places.

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