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Boss and Submissive Secretary

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: $0

This scenario takes you into the world of office dynamics, power roles and a playful, yet suspenseful after-hours encounter. Experience the thrill of being in charge as the boss while your partner plays your submissive secretary, navigating a fine line between naughty and professional.

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  • The role-play begins with you, the boss, arriving home (the office) after a tiresome day of work. Upon entering, you find your 'secretary' Darah, engrossed in some paperwork. You playfully reprimand her for a supposed mistake done earlier during the day. As an act of submission and an appeal for your forgiveness, she offers to pamper and please you to lighten your mood.
  • After the ice is broken, allow the ambiance of power dynamics to guide your actions. Use your 'authority' to instruct your secretary to attend to your desires. Darah, staying true to her role, will abide by your commands willingly, thereby adding more fuel to your dominant position. The agreement and consent reflected through her obedience become the undercurrent in this game of control and submission.
  • The night can take an adventurous turn. You can create an instance of privacy breach as if someone almost discovered your illicit office affair. React by seeking an alternative discreet location in the house to continue the rendezvous. The thrill of being caught will lead to an adrenaline-fueled climax to a night filled with dominance, submission and tons of teasing.

Preparation steps:

  • Before beginning, set up your home to resemble an office. Clear a desk, set up your laptop, papers, office line phone and maybe some energizing coffee.
  • Dress appropriately – the partner playing the boss should be in a sharp suit whereas Darah should be in a 'sexy adult secretary outfit' complete with glasses, a pencil skirt, and high heels.
  • Set the ground rules. As this role-play involves dominance and power play, it's important to have a safe word and respect each other's limits. Consent and comfort should be ensured for both partners throughout the role-play session. Don't rush anything and be mindful of each other's feelings and responses.
  • Remember, this is a scenario with a 'boss' and 'secretary', but it's also an intimate scenario between you and your partner. You are there to satisfy and fulfill each other's fantasies – even as you play your roles, remember to care for and respect each other.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Push your desks together and make a β€˜bureau’. Put office-related items on the desk to make the environment feel more authentic. Turn off the lights and only leave your desk lamp on for some dim, yet focused lighting.
  • Both partners can improvise and incorporate additional elements into the story for added excitement. For instance, 'late-night working', 'important deadline', or 'office party' can serve as sub-themes for the evening.
  • Above all, remain in character throughout the session, and let the storyline evolve naturally. Be heedful of your partner's responses, enjoy the scenario, and don't push yourselves into anything you're uncomfortable with.

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