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Boss and Employee Roleplay

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: $50-$80

Immersed in the corporate world, this scenario is a playful juxtaposition of power dynamics between a boss and their employee. It's perfect for a couple looking to spice things up with a bit of role reversal and office-themed seduction.

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  • Imagine the following: you both work in the same office, one of you is a charismatic and energetic boss (Lucy), and the other is an employee who is eager to please. Make sure every encounter is charged with an intriguing mix of professional work and veiled flirtations. The 'office' can be set up at home, with a desk, laptop, and other office essentials.
  • Lucy, the boss, can call the partner to discuss 'work issues' which slowly turns into teasing and playful advances. Remember, maintain an air of professionalism which adds to the overall thrill and anticipation. The evening concludes after an 'overtime' request, adding a much welcomed breather to the otherwise hectic office routine.
  • Ensure respect and consent are maintained throughout, keeping the scenario pleasurable and enjoyable for both. Signal words can be established before starting the roleplay as a way to have reassurance and safety.

Preparation steps:

  • To set the scene, clear a space in your home to resemble an office setting. A desk, comfortable chair, and few office supplies are essential. Try to create an office-like ambiance by having a laptop, notepad, etc. Remember, the key to a great roleplay is in the details.
  • Ensure you dress per your character. As Lucy, the energic and charismatic boss, she can wear a smart and sexy business suit. The employee can don matching attires that are professional yet intriguing. Don't forget to approach it with sincere enthusiasm and keep an open mind.
  • Communication is the key in roleplays. Discuss your boundaries, expectations, and nuances that each one of you is comfortable with. Set up safe words. This makes the experience more satisfying and comfortable for both.

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Some tips:

  • Stay in character as much as possible. It's a low-budget roleplay, so creativity is crucial. Use what you already have to create an office atmosphere. Also, It's okay to laugh and have fun. It might feel odd in the beginning, but the point of roleplaying is to have fun and try something new.
  • Considering the spiciness level for this roleplay, respect your partner’s boundaries, especially if they are new to roleplay. Start slowly, and as comfort levels increase, so can the kink. It's important to keep checking in with each other to ensure it's enjoyable for both.
  • Lastly, care for each other's comfort. Aftercare is important in a more spicy role play. When the scene ends, make sure both of you are okay and provide emotional care and support to each other.

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