Boss and Employee in Charming Chisinau date idea illustration

Boss and Employee in Charming Chisinau

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: $0-$50

In this roleplay scenario, capitalize on the energy of the charismatic partner, Lucy, as she plays the role of the boss and her partner is the diligent employee. With a play on power dynamics, let the office-themed spice fill your regular autumn evening at home into a memorable one in Chisinau.

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  • In this scenario, your flat in Chisinau, Moldova turns into a bustling office. Lucy, being the charismatic person she is, steps into the shoes of the office head. She is in charge of supervising you, her new employee. You have your first performance review coming up, and you want to make a great impression. Lucy, dressed as the boss, conducts the performance review, grading you based on tasks and exercises she assigns. Take this opportunity to explore and accept each other's fantasies, roleplaying in a controlled manner can lead to exciting discoveries about each other.
  • During the roleplay, Lucy might initiate some additional tasks that might be slightly out of the ordinary office rules, remember it's all in good fun and excitement. However, always remember to have a safe word established before starting the roleplay and respect each other's boundaries. There's a lot of room for laughter and silliness, adding a light-hearted touch that could deepen your intimate connection.
  • Later, as her employee, you will reach for some overtime, adding to the flavor of passion, unveiling your diligence in performing tasks. Celebrate your 'promotion' in the cozy corners of your transformed 'office', away from the cooler October nights of Chisinau.

Preparation steps:

  • Preparation is simple. Clean your apartment and arrange it to resemble an office, it doesn't have to be authentic, just enough to serve the imagination. You can use a desk or a table in your space for the 'boss' to sit behind. Lucy can wear anything she finds authoritative, preferably a 'Sexy adult' office-style dress and high heels. You can dress up in a smart outfit signifying an office employee.
  • Set some boundaries and decide on a safe word beforehand, as roleplaying can often lead to uncharted territories, it's essential to ensure each other's comfort. A little planning beforehand makes roleplaying pleasant and fun.
  • Lastly, keep some office props ready for authenticity. They could be anything as simple as stationery, documents, glasses, a laptop, etc. Get into your characters and start roleplaying, make room for ad-libs and off-the-cuff reactions to make the play more realistic.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Always remember that roleplay is just that, a play. It's perfect if not all things go as planned. It's normal to break character and important to communicate your comfort level. Always use the safe word if anything makes either of you uncomfortable, it's about creating a deeper bond and showing trust.
  • Try to remain in character as much as possible except for when you need to break out. Take pauses in between to discuss the play-flow, and don't shy away from giving it your own, personal twist. It leads to a more intimate and customized scenario.
  • Use the theme of the scenario to explore new dynamics between you two. Playing as boss and employee offers the chance to experiment with power exchange, authority play, and discipline - all in a healthy and curious way. Ensure you give each other feedback afterward to know what worked and what didn'tβ€”plan more fun scenarios in the future as it is an exciting way to spice things up.

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