Bookstore Browsing and Literary Lunch

Duration: 5 hours
Budget: $50

Dive deep into the world of intellect and literacy. Spend your day browsing through dusty old books, finding hidden gems and sharing your favorite genres together. Continue the intellectual journey with a lunch at a quiet café discussing the books you've discovered. Cherish each other's perspectives and let your conversation unveil the mind behind the face.

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  • The public buzz of city life falls to a hush as you turn into a hidden side street, stepping into a small, cozy, independent bookstore. The smell of old books engulfs you, as you look at your partner with excitement, ready to embark on a literary journey.
  • After spending a good few hours wrapped in the pages of various books, you decide to head over to a nearby café for some lunch. With your recent finds in tow, you both engage in stimulating discourse raised from your books over a mouth watering lunch.
  • The day ends at the park, sipping your take-away coffees, a book in each of your laps. The sun sets and as the city lights start glimmering, your day of literary exploration and intellectual connectivity comes to a delightful close.

Preparation steps:

  • Research and pick a cozy independent bookstore that you haven't been to before. The more obscure, the more likely you are to find unusual book collections there. Also, choose a nearby café that serves hearty meals and has a quiet atmosphere perfect for conversations.
  • Buy some cozy outfits. Nothing screams impromptu bookstore date like an oversized sweater and jeans. But of course, wear what makes you most comfortable.
  • You don't necessarily need to buy a book, so your budget can stay flexible. Be open to buying a book if you come across something special, though!

You may need

Some tips:

  • Make sure to keep an open mind about books your partner is interested in. This is a great opportunity to get to know more about their interests.
  • Steer clear of heated debates. While difference in opinion is natural, remember that conversation is meant to be enjoyable, not adversarial.
  • At the café, try to pick a secluded yet comfortable spot, one where you can carry on your conversation without any disturbances.

Recommended locations:

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