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Best Friends Turned Lovers

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: free

Turn the spark between best friends into a burning passion in this cozy roleplay scenario. Play the roles of two best buddies living together, teasing and coaxing each other, and slowly discovering deeper feelings.

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  • The scenario opens with a cold winter evening in November, both of you coming back home after a tiring day. Jenny, being the dominant one, takes the lead by starting a playful pillow fight. The fight is just the beginning of an evening filled with fun, laughter, and a little bit of teasing.
  • After the playful start, things slow down with some deep discussions about life, love and dreams, which leads to the friends sharing a heartfelt moment of understanding and warmth. You look at each other as if for the first time, seeing a potential partner in each other rather than just a friend. The dominance of Jenny comes at play here as she ends the conversation with a loving, passionate kiss.
  • Having confessed your feelings and shared a kiss, you cuddle together on the couch, engaging in a sensual, sexual exploration of each other in the safety and comfort of your shared home. Love and teasing go hand in hand here; while Jenny, being the dominant one, takes the reins, she does the same with love and care, making this roleplay scenario exciting and loving.

Preparation steps:

  • To prep for this scenario, arrange your living space to resemble a shared living situation for best friends. It should be comfortable and casual to create the ambience of a relaxed, everyday setting. Preparation should involve cleaning and tidying up the room to make it cozy.
  • Agree on safe words before you start acting out the scenario. As there is a dominant-submissive undertone in this scenario, it's important that both partners are comfortable with what’s happening. Jenny being the dominant one should respect the boundaries set by her partner.
  • Another important element of preparation is communication with your partner about your comfort levels. Discuss in advance about how far you wish to carry forward the intimate scenes, as comfort and consent are crucial.

You may need

Some tips:

  • The aim of this roleplay is to accentuate the closeness, bond, and chemistry between the two friends. Therefore, keep the interactions casual and friendly at the beginning, gradually injecting them with romantic and sexual tension as the scenario progresses.
  • Though Jenny is the dominant one, ensure that all actions are consensual and that the act does not cross any boundaries. Remember, this role play doesn’t need to be rushed. The build-up from best friends to lovers is a slow, teasing progression than a sudden jump.
  • In the intimate moments, mixing teasing and sensuality can enhance the experience. Jenny, being the domineering one, can use the silk blindfold as a surprise element, making the entire roleplay scenario loving and thrilling.

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