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Berlin Mistress and Gentleman

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: Moderate

In this fantasy, the couple plays with the power dynamics of a mistress and a gentleman. Julia will portray the dominant mistress while her partner plays the submissive gentleman. This game is perfect for cold Berlin nights where staying inside adds to the intimate atmosphere of domination and submission. The Mistresses' commands to her gentleman, followed by subsequent rewards or punishments spice up the bedroom dynamics. Immersion in the atmosphere of a high-class Victorian-era household adds depth to the adventure.

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  • The scenario unfolds in the luxurious living space of a Berlin apartment. Julia, the powerful and controlling mistress, is looking splendid in her attire, saturated with dominance, while her gentleman is donning a snug suit. Julia's lap is his throne, and each of his movements is meant to please her.
  • Julia enforces her rules sternly and any deviation from them earns her gentleman punishments. On the other hand, obedient behaviour gets rewarded. He might need to cater to her every need, massage her feet, serve her drinks, or merely be a silent spectator who stares at her with awe.
  • The climax of this Role-play scenario could involve the Mistress having her gentleman demonstrate his ultimate form of obedience, leading to a night of pleasure and intimacy.

Preparation steps:

  • All the preparations need to represent the domination atmosphere. Julia could start by dressing herself up as a stylish Victorian mistress. For this, she would need a fitted corset, thigh-high stockings, high heels, and a long skirt with a slit. Julia's partner will dress in a formal suit, maintaining the gentlemanly demeanour. Auto-controlled lights can be set to a dimmer setting to create a sensual environment indoors.
  • Ordering some of Julia's favourite drinks and ordering in some gourmet food could show a sign of Julia' partner's dedication. Julia might want some massage oil at her disposal. Also, props such as rope, blindfold, and handcuffs might be considered useful.
  • Music plays an important role. Some erotic music or even classical tunes can set the right mood for this role play. So, remember to create a playlist in advance.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Utilize the power dynamic to enhance the scenario. Julia should feel free in letting her dominant side take over and her partner should enjoy his submissive role. Use the entire space of the apartment and remember that each order by Julia should be fulfilling and play along with the erotic vibes of the scenario.
  • Stay in character throughout the scenario to make the role play more realistic and captivating. From the way of speaking to the way of moving - everything should correspond to the Mistress and the Gentleman characters.
  • The safe word is absolutely crucial in this scenario. Considering the dominance and submission nature of this play, a word should be decided upon which would mean 'stop' in case a person is uncomfortable with anything happening.

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