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Be a Bartender For a Night

Get ready to surprise your partner and transform your living room into a cozy cocktail bar. Start with planning a menu of cocktails including both of your favorites and surprise cocktails that each of you can make for each other. Not only will you both have fun concocting and tasting various mixes, but you'll also create priceless memories while doing so. Each cocktail you make will henceforth remind you of this special night, making it an unforgettable romantic date.

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  • First, set the ambiance with soft music and low lighting or lit candles around the room. You could also spruce up your living room with some cocktail-bar-like decor to make the environment feel even more authentic.
  • Start the evening by surprising your partner with a cocktail menu. You can take turns to choose cocktails from the menu and prepare them for each other. Experiment with colorful garnishes, fancy ice cubes, and interesting glassware to make each glass of cocktail a work of art.
  • End the evening by picking a special cocktail, making it together, and then savoring it along with some light snacks or dessert. Remember, your goal is not just to make and drink cocktails but to also enjoy each other's company and build wonderful memories together.

Preparation steps:

  • Research and prepare a list of cocktails that both of you would like. Ensure you have all the ingredients needed including exotic ones you might need for the surprise cocktails.
  • Arrangement of a bar-like setup in your living room is essential. You can use your kitchen counter or a cart if available at home. Arrange all the ingredients, cocktail shaker, measuring jiggers, a muddler, a stirrer, a strainer and varieties of glasses here.
  • Small bar snacks or finger food are a perfect accompaniment to cocktails. Think about what type of food would go best with the cocktails you've chosen and get the ingredients ready for the evening.

Some tips:

  • For a more romantic setting, consider a dress code or a theme for the evening. Don't forget, the goal is to have fun, so don't stress over making the perfect cocktail.
  • Stay responsible, remember to pace yourselves and consume alcohol sensibly. Keep plenty of water on hand to keep hydrated and to cleanse your palate in between cocktails.
  • Don't forget to capture these precious moments. Share the pictures with each other later and relive the beautiful memories again on another date.

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