Batwoman Vs The Riddler: A Night of Dangerous Pleasure date idea illustration

Batwoman Vs The Riddler: A Night of Dangerous Pleasure

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $100, assuming the costumes are purchased

Engage in a roleplay scenario, where the damsel is the saviour! Embrace your inner Batwoman and Riddler in this intimating roleplay, blending suspense with sensuality for an excitingly thrilling experience. Play the game and be the Batwoman chasing the elusive Riddler in a game that combines action, strategy and a healthy dose of intimacy.

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  • Kick off the scenario with EK, as Riddler, delivering an enigmatic riddle via text to PJ, playing Batwoman during the day. Play up the anticipation, with Riddler escaping multiple times, always leaving Batwoman a step behind but with another riddle to solve. PJ, tap into Batwoman's grace and intelligence to figure out the whereabouts of Riddler.
  • As EK, lead the chase to a secluded home location, leaving a final riddle for PJ to decipher. PJ, as Batwoman steps into the trap, to finally corner the Riddler.
  • In the final scene, PJ captures EK and uses his traps to her advantage. The air sizzles with tension as Batwoman determines what to do with her captured prey, leading to a climax that mixes dominance, suspense, and a whole lot of pleasure.

Preparation steps:

  • Prepare your superhero and villain outfits a few days ahead of time. Both PJ and EK will require fitted catsuits, boots, gloves, and masks to embody their characters. For maximum enjoyment, ensure that the outfits are comfortable enough for acrobatic stunts, while still being sexy enough to crank up the heat.
  • EK needs to compose a series of riddles, preferably with a naughty twist, in the days leading up to the roleplay. The 'riddles' should lead PJ around the house - this adds an element of hunt and chase, which makes the final 'capture' all the more satisfying.
  • Create a few traps in the house beforehand. These could be simple things like 'tripwires' made from thread that leads to a symbolic 'trap' made from scarves or a simple blindfold.

You may need

Some tips:

  • PJ, make sure to practice some acrobatic moves beforehand, especially if you plan to incorporate them into the game. This roleplay scenario heavily depends on the chase, so keep the energy high, and the anticipation brewing.
  • EK, put thought and effort into your riddles - they should be solvable but not easy. Also, your escapes should be calculated but not predictable, keeping PJ on her toes.
  • Finally, remember that the essence of roleplay is to lose yourselves in your character. Stay in character whether you are Batwoman in hot pursuit or Riddler savoring the chase. Safety is a priority, ensure traps are harmless and the environment poses no potential dangers. Above all, have fun and enjoy each other's company!

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