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BarkCraft Adventure Roleplay

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: $0

Venture into the vibrant world of BarkCraft, where virtual and real-world dog training come together! This scenario involves you and your partner stepping into the roles of trainers in this game-themed role play. This is perfect for couples who love bonding with their dogs and enjoy game environments.

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  • Immerse yourselves into the world of BarkCraft. One of you will be the leading dog trainer facing the dynamic challenges in the game and the other will play the assistant trainer, guiding through the gaming milestones. Your dog? The gamer's best friend and protagonist! Your home serves as the gaming environment, with different rooms being the varied settings of BarkCraft. Play out the scenarios and challenges from the game using real and homemade props.
  • You will train your dog together, overcoming obstacles and completing tasks just like in the game. Remember, the goal is not only to direct and win but also have fun and spend quality time with your dog and partner. Dress up as the characters from the game to add more spice and authenticity to your role play.
  • At the end of the day, reward yourselves and your dog with a victory ceremony! Just like in BarkCraft, celebrate your journey and rewards with homemade trophies and treats! BarkCraft, after all, is about adventuring together.

Preparation steps:

  • To prepare for this date, make sure you have necessary dog training tools at home. You can use your regular dog toys or get some new ones to resemble BarkCraft game objects. On that note, puppies and less trained dogs might need extra care and a slow-paced game.
  • Start your preparation by researching about the characters in BarkCraft game. Try to mimic their appearance with what you have at home or create costumes that would suit the characters. For novelty and authenticity, use bandanas, hats, gloves or face paint.
  • Prepare your space accordingly. If there's a forest scenario in the game, maybe your lounge room could be decorated with house plants to resemble the forest. Be creative and utilize what you already have at home. Remember, the main part is to enjoy the game installation together with your pet.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Engage your pet positively. If your pet is not used to such games, it might be difficult at first, keep patience. Treats and sweet talk can make it fun completion for the dog. Make sure to not stress out your pet.
  • In order to immerse yourselves entirely in the game, keep cellphones or other gadgets away, unless they're part of the game. This role play is about spending quality time with your dog and partner by disconnecting from your routine chores.
  • While costumes enhance the fun of roleplay, make sure they are comfortable and not making your pets anxious. Spend time to gradually adjust with the costumes before starting the game.

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