Autumn Picnic in Tokyo date idea illustration

Autumn Picnic in Tokyo

Duration: 4 hours
Budget: $0

The Sun and the Moon, two intimately connected characters, embark on a gay romantic scenario while enjoying a picnic beneath the vibrant autumn leaves in Tokyo. As they engage in playful banter and affectionate moments, the scenario progresses into a deeper connection between the two.

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  • While the colors of autumn paint a beautiful landscape, Sun, the warm, playful, and outgoing personality, decides to plan a surprise picnic for the reserved and slightly stern Moony-kun. He hopes to show his deep feelings towards him.
  • As they settle down beneath a spreading orange-red canopy with a packed basket full of Moon's favorite treats, Sun begins the romantic picnic with a playful game of teasing and revealing his feelings subtly. Moon, showing his annoyance on the surface but secretly relishing the attention, responds with his unique brand of dry wit and hidden affection.
  • As the day progresses, Sun becomes more daring in his ventures, advancing their play into more sensual territories. He playfully borrows Moon's oversized clothes, doing everything he can to make Moon laugh. By the time the sun sets, they are both engaged in a game of flirtatious advances and affectionate touching, perfectly encapsulating the beautiful and colorful mood of an autumn day in Tokyo.

Preparation steps:

  • Sun should carefully pack a picnic basket with the Moon’s favorite things. Make sure you include spicy food and Oreos, as well as a fluffy blanket to keep you both warm as the autumn breeze picks up. Don't forget to pack a playful surprise for Moon, such as a Cheshire Cat plush, to show that you know his soft spot.
  • Pick an oversized attire, preferably one that has belonged to Sun before. A loosely fitted sweater and easy pants, something casual and comfortable. Let's not forget the mischievous intent behind Sun's planning - the sweater will make for a perfect sharing outfit should Sun convinces Moon to put it on later.
  • Decide on a public park or similar outdoor venue in Tokyo which is famous for its vibrant autumnal colours. Make sure to consider the weather and choose a shining sunny day for the picnic.

You may need

Some tips:

  • As Sun, make sure you keep the mood light and flirty at the beginning, but don't hesitate to show your deep affection for Moon as the scenario progresses. Consistently use pet names and boost Moon's confidence.
  • Moon, although a bit reserved and stern, should show a softer side throughout the scenario, revealing his concealed crush on Sun. Express the annoyance subtly but let Sun's gesture melt your guard down. Act surprised when Sun keeps serving your favorite things, and play along when he hints at his crush.
  • Both of you should enjoy the setting as much as possible. Allow yourselves to be immersed in the beautiful scenery of Tokyo in autumn. With the picturesque backdrop of red and orange leaves around, seize the chance to take some memorable pictures to commemorate your roleplay scenario.

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