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Attack on Titan: The Scouting Mission

Duration: A full day
Budget: $200-$300

Step into the world of Attack on Titan as you and your partner undertake a daring Scouting Mission outside the Walls. Embrace your roles as brave members of the Survey Corps, strategizing together and bolstering the strength of your partnership amidst the threats of the Titans.

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  • Your partner adapts the persona of Armin Arlert, the intelligent and strategic mind of the Survey Corps. You suit up in the iconic green capes bearing the Wings of Freedom as you step into a day of immersive roleplay. Your mission is to embark on a critical expedition outside the protection of the Walls to survey the area and create new maps that are vital for humanity's survival. You take turns leading and strategizing the day's operation, bonding over the shared experience of navigating unknown dangers.
  • As the day unfolds, you find a secluded spot that resembles the ruins of an old-world civilization, perhaps an area untouched by the Titans where your characters can briefly feel at ease. With a sense of urgency, you create a makeshift campsite. Here, you engage in critical reconnaissance discussions and enjoy a simple meal — but your senses remain heightened for any signs of Titan activity. Roleplaying the tender moments between reconnaissance tasks, your emotional connection intensifies as you depend on each other for survival.
  • As the setting sun casts long shadows, reminiscent of the towering Titans, you return to the safety of the Walls. The mission concludes with a debrief session in a private corner of your home, which you've decorated to resemble the Survey Corps headquarters. Together, you reflect on the day's achievements, exchange tokens of 'honor' you've prepared for each other, and relax into the night, finding comfort in each other's presence after an adrenaline-fueled day.

Preparation steps:

  • Prepare your costumes in advance, including the Survey Corps uniform complete with the Wing of Freedom insignia, boots, and capes. You may add fake swords and maneuver gear props to enhance the experience.
  • Research and map out an outdoor location where you could safely conduct your roleplay scenario. You would want a place with some forested area or old ruins, to give the impression that you are indeed outside the Walls on a reconnaissance mission. Park areas outside Berlin, such as Grunewald Forest or Teufelsberg, could serve as the perfect backdrop.
  • Pack a 'Scouting Kit' with essentials for your mission. This includes simple yet hearty food that could resemble rations, a basic first aid kit, perhaps a notebook to act as your 'map-making' tool, and a couple of Survey Corps emblems or patches to 'promote' each other after completing the mission.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Stay in character throughout the day, using jargon and catchphrases from the series to increase immersion.
  • Utilize discreet safety signals in case either of you feels uncomfortable or needs a break from the roleplay scenario.
  • Remember to respect public spaces and laws during your roleplay, safety and consent are key.

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