Astrological Stargazing at Kok-Tobe hill date idea illustration

Astrological Stargazing at Kok-Tobe hill

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $5

Stargazing offers a romantic yet affordable date idea. Atop Kok-Tobe hill in Almaty, you'll get to enjoy not only the stunning view of the city below but also a perfect view of the star-filled sky above. Suitable for all preferences.

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  • As the sun sets and the stars begin to sparkle, you will embark on your journey to Kok-Tobe hill. There, you will lay out a comfortable blanket, lean back, and envelope yourselves in the spectacular view of the cosmos. This will offer a unique opportunity for you and your partner to chat, bond, and dream together.
  • The star-filled skies will not only surprise your partner with their beauty, but also with the fascinating stories they tell. You can prepare some interesting astrological tales and facts to share, and maybe even try to spot constellations. All these elements put together will surely make this experience a memorable one.
  • Don't forget to capture these precious moments with a smartphone or camera, so you can look back and cherish this beautiful date.

Preparation steps:

  • Since the weather will be a bit cool around September, dress warmly and bring a comfortable blanket to lay on. You need to check the weather forecast for clear skies and ensure there will be no clouds obscuring your view.
  • To add an element of surprise, you can prepare a 'guess the constellation' game or come with some fun and interesting stories about the astrological signs. This will make the star-gazing more interactive and fun. Also, a handheld star chart and a red flashlight can help you in identifying stars and constellations.
  • This being a surprise date, you can blindfold your partner on the way to the hill and let them discover the stunning setting once you're there. Ensure that you have all the essentials packed and prepared before the big day.

You may need

Some tips:

  • To add an extra layer of comfort, you can bring pillows along with the blanket. This will also help in creating a cozy setting. Make sure to check the park timings and know the exact location of Kok-Tobe hill.
  • Be sure to bring snacks and drinks. Having something to munch on or sip while you converse with your partner under the starry night can elevate the whole experience.
  • Lastly, screen out all distractions - put your phone on silent mode. So that you can truly be present in the moment and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, the sparkling stars and the company of your loved one.

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