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Art Class Shenanigans

Duration: 2 hours
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Inspired by the nostalgic charm of student life and Zuzia's love for wholesome things, drawing, and clothes. This scenario is set in a playful art class ambiance involving two students – unafraid to let their playful and romantic sides out while exploring their creative spirits.

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  • It's the night of 'Art Class Shenanigans' at your apartment. You've taken the role of fellow students who ended up together in the same art class, working on a 'Clothes of the Cat World' project for a fun and wholesome evening. Use the drawings as a pretext to tease each other playfully, compliment each other on the sketches and strike flirty poses to make the drawing sessions lively.
  • As you sketch passionate designs, engage in a bit of an art class pillow fight throwing around the sketching cushions. Laugh your hearts out, play some relaxing background music and revel in the joyous atmosphere of your apartment-turned-art-studio.
  • End your 'Art Class Shenanigans' with a ceremonial exchange of your Cat-themed clothes sketches. Congratulations, you just spent an awesome, fun-filled night with your partner revelling in carefree student vibes. A simple, jovial setting with just the right dose of playfulness and romance.

Preparation steps:

  • Create a relaxed art studio ambiance in your apartment. Gather your drawing supplies like sketchbooks, pencils, colored pens or paints, etc. If you don't have these at home, simple pen and paper will do just fine! It's about the fun, not the accuracy of your drawings. Put some cushions on the floor for comfort and to visualize a relaxed art class environment.
  • Set the scene with some mood lighting for that warm, comforting feel. Play some calming background music to add onto the wholesome atmosphere of the evening.
  • Even though it's a free activity, put a lot of heart into the preparation. Allow your creativity to flow and get yourself ready to be immersed in your roles as art students in this whimsical scenario.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Remember, this role-play scenario is all about having fun and indulging in a playful artistic activity! It's okay if neither of you has prior drawing abilities. The focus should be more on creating a fun and engaging environment, rather than the outcome of the sketches.
  • Feel free to embrace your whimsical sides and create designs that reflect your sense of fashion, humor, and creativity. It's a great way to bond and spend quality time together, taking a trip down the memory lane of nostalgic student life.
  • Poking gentle fun at each other’s drawings or over-the-top cat clothing designs can be a playful way to lighten the mood and share a few laughs. Remember to take breaks, have snacks, and make fun memories together while you draw.

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