Art and Culinary Adventure in Denver date idea illustration

Art and Culinary Adventure in Denver

Duration: 10 hours
Budget: $150

Walking tour around Denver's Graffiti Art area coupled with tasting a variety of vegetarian dishes. The date includes participation in an art workshop and a romantic dinner at an upscale vegetarian restaurant.

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  • Begin your day with a walk around Denver’s renowned Rino Art District, home to countless vibrant, creative street murals. It's a great atmosphere to get inspired and excited. From there, take part in an interactive art workshop. Not only will you take home a self-created masterpiece, but it will also serve as a touching memento of your date. Lastly, the day will be concluded with a romantic dinner at an upscale vegetarian restaurant; a satisfying final note to the artistic and culinary adventure.

Preparation steps:

  • To ensure a smooth day, make sure you've both got suitable walking shoes as the RiNo Art District is quite big and you'll be on your feet for some time. Put on some sunscreen too, as the Denver sun can be quite strong. For the art workshop, there's no need for previous experience. Just come with an open mind and be ready to get your hands dirty. Restaurant reservations for dinner should be made in advance to guarantee a table. Remember to dress a little formal for dinner.

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Some tips:

  • While strolling around RiNo Art District, take time to appreciate each art piece and discuss your interpretations which could make the walk more engaging. During the workshop, you could work on a joint piece, making it a symbol of your teamwork and compatibility. At the restaurant, don't hesitate to ask the server for recommendations. They might have a special or unique dish you should try.

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