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Apprentice Mages' Enchantment

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: $0

In this scenario, you and your partner transport yourselves into a fantasy world and become apprentice mages. Immerse yourself in a world filled with magic, enchantment, and some sizzling romance. Perfect for couples who love fantasy and video games, especially when it's a quiet October evening and the mood for some magical seduction is just right. Will your spells of seduction work?

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  • Enter into a dimly lit room, filled with ambient music that instantly makes you feel you're in a different world. You and Kade are apprentice mages, in the midst of your training. But Kade, being his lazy self, is trying every trick in the book to postpone doing significant work.
  • In a sly move to elicit some productivity, challenge Kade to a magic duel. The duel consists of casting imaginary spells from your favorite games. The catch is, every time someone successfully 'casts a spell', the opponent has to remove a piece of clothing. Dress up in simple lightweight outfits to up the fun factor.
  • As the duel progresses, allow the chemistry to build, and watch how the magician's apprentice channels magic into romance. End with the ultimate spell, the 'Spell of Seduction', and immerse yourself in an enchanting night of intimacy.

Preparation steps:

  • Firstly, set the stage to be your magical training room. This could be a living room or bedroom, with low light, candles, and some fantasy-based music playing in the background.
  • Pick your favorite videogame spells or create your own and write them down on pieces of paper. These will be the spells you'll cast in your magic duel.
  • Dress up in lightweight outfits and get ready to 'train'. You may want to pick outfits that are easy to remove and put back on, for the spell casting challenge. Remember to keep your expectations light and enjoyable.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Remember that the main goal is to enjoy yourselves. Don't take the game too seriously, let it flow naturally. If you or Kade feel uncomfortable with any part of it, feel free to adjust the rules to your liking.
  • To make things even more enjoyable and fantasy-like, consider using magic phrases from your favorite games. This can add a funny, competitive and also sensual twist to your roleplaying.
  • Don't rush the process. Let the challenge build up the heat between you two. Pay attention to Kade's comfort level, ensure he has fun given his lazy personality that doesn't favor much work.

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