An Intimate Night at a Local Jazz Café date idea illustration

An Intimate Night at a Local Jazz Café

Duration: 3-4 hours
Budget: $50

Set the stage for a sexy, intimate night with your partner at a local jazz café in Istanbul. This roleplay scenario involves creating secret codes and flirty games, which will make the evening all the more exciting.

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  • Start your intimate night by getting ready separately. Once you are both ready, meet at a local jazz café, the perfect backdrop for your roleplay. Upon arrival, pretend to be strangers meeting for the first time.
  • To get things started, create a secret code. This could be a phrase, a hand signal, or anything else unique to you as a couple. This code will be what you use to initiate the playful flirtation of the evening. The game is to try to get your partner to say or perform the code without them knowing it was the code.
  • After a while, one of you makes a move. Pretend you're secret admirers finally making a move on the person you've been admiring from afar. This way, both of you can enjoy the butterfly-inducing thrill of the 'first' touch, and ignite the playful spark that is all too familiar from the early days of your relationship.

Preparation steps:

  • To prepare for the evening, it is important to establish the rules of the game before you meet. Discuss what kind of secret code you want to use and agree on a suitable 'penalty' for the person who guesses it correctly. This could be a fun, intimate reward or something more playful.
  • You should both dress up. Try to select an outfit that your partner hasn't seen on you before to create a sense of excitement and anticipation.
  • Take time to arrange everything perfectly. Do enough research to find a jazz café that sets just the right mood for you both. Ensure the place isn’t too crowded as you want to be able to talk and flirt comfortably.

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Some tips:

  • Since this roleplay involves meeting as 'strangers', you do not have to arrive at the café together. You can arrive separately and find each other inside the café as that would add a layer of realism to the roleplay.
  • Embrace the playful, flirtatious energy of the evening. Keep the game going until the end of the date. The aim is to make your partner feel desired and to recreate the excitement of your early dating days.
  • You can carry the roleplay into the massage session when you head home. Continue your conversations, and allow the intimate settings to guide you towards a more affectionate moment.

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