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An Alluring Afternoon Art Adventure

Duration: 4 hours
Budget: $0

Bring the magic of an exciting and enticing art-themed session to your living room during a cozy autumn day in Tbilisi. Explore the world of sensual artistry together while indulging in an erotic journey of discovery, intimacy, and excitement.

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  • Begin your erotic afternoon with a self-curated 'art tour'. One of you plays the role of an art curator, leading the other through your shared 'exhibition'. Make use of the internet and print out images of famous, romantic, or sensual pieces of art, hanging them around your living room. The curator guides their partner around the room, providing details, facts, and stories about each piece of art.
  • The art enthusiast listens attentively as the curator narrates and, during this process, subtly initiates light, teasing touches. These can gradually evolve into more intimate and sensual gestures, escalating the situation into a deeper level of shared arousal.
  • Perhaps the art enthusiast is ‘inspired’ to create their own masterpiece – on the canvas of their partner’s body. Shifting focus, bring out body-safe paints to draw designs on each other, teasing and stroking as you both indulge in an erotic paint session.

Preparation steps:

  • First and foremost, dressing up enhances realism, so 'curators and art enthusiasts' both need their outfits. Curators can turn to something classy like a white shirt with a tie and black pants. The art enthusiast could pretend they’re on a sophisticated date, a sexy dress or jumpsuit will do.
  • Secondly, prepare your selected artworks by printing them out and placing them around the apartment. Take turns selecting the various pieces to be 'displayed', ensuring both of your tastes are catered to.
  • Finally, acquire some body-safe paint and brushes for your creative erotic session. Make sure the paint is non-toxic and safe to use on skin. Try to get a variety of colors to add a vibrant touch to your masterpiece.

You may need

Some tips:

  • When narrating the art, imagine you’re really leading a professional art tour and let your enthusiasm color your narrations. Both partners can participate in the storytelling to make the activity more interactive.
  • Don’t rush through the paintings. Slow and steady build-up is key to the sensuality of this experience. Linger on each artwork, fully discussing it, and bask in the intimate environment.
  • When you shift to erotic body painting, start with non-erogenous zones and gradually work your way up to more intimate areas. You want your 'canvas' to be relaxed and turned on by the time you move to the more intimate designs.

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