Amsterdam Canal Cruise Date date idea illustration

Amsterdam Canal Cruise Date

Duration: 3 to 4 hours
Budget: $150 to $200

Experience the romance of Amsterdam's world-famed canals on a private sightseeing boat tour. Your eyes will be filled with the magic of the city's architecture and charm. Enjoy a tailored tour around the city with food, drinks, and a beautiful view.

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  • The day begins with both of you leisurely strolling towards the canal. You step into a private, beautifully decorated boat that's reserved just for you. As the boat casts off, the real romance unfurls – Amsterdam's amazing charms laid out before your eyes, seen from the water.
  • A local skipper serves as your guide, showing you all the highlights along Amsterdam's canals while giving you the history behind them. You two can absorb the atmosphere on the water, enjoy the stunning views, and chat about the beautiful city straddled by waterways.
  • Finally, the boat stops at a picturesque spot. A gourmet picnic basket is handed over, and a quintessential Amsterdam dinner date ensues right there on the open water. As the sunlight wanes, the city lights cast a romantic glow on the water surface, and you two share this magic moment together.

Preparation steps:

  • Before your Amsterdam canal cruise date, a good amount of preparation is required. First, make sure to book your private canal boat in advance to secure your preferred date. Once your date and boat rental are scheduled, you will need to plan your picnic. You could prepare it yourself or use a local gourmet food service.
  • Choose clothes that are weather appropriate yet comfortable. Bring your camera so you can capture the moments shared and the stunning views from your boat. And don't forget the essentials for a boat ride, like sun cream if it’s sunny, or a blanket if it's a bit chilly. It's also a good idea to prepare your own music playlist to add to the atmosphere.
  • Finally, make sure to research in advance the landmarks you will be seeing on your canal boat tour. Having a basic understanding of the buildings, canals, and historic sites you'll pass will make your sightseeing much more enjoyable.

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Some tips:

  • Keep in mind that Amsterdam, like any city, can have a variety of weather conditions in September. Having flexible plans and adjusting them according to weather is key for any outdoor date. So, be flexible with your time and book a boat with the option to cancel or reschedule in case of poor weather.
  • If you go for the gourmet food service option for your picnic, make sure to book it ahead and check if they offer boat delivery. This will add a seamless feel to the experience and will leave you with less to worry about on your romantic date.
  • Lastly, make your canal boat ride more personal and memorable by taking along a playlist of both of your favourite music. Use a portable speaker to play this during your cruise. This will add a unique personal touch to your date and make it even more special.

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