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Alien Invasion

Duration: 2 - 3 hours
Budget: $0 - All can be done freely or with items around the house

Get lost in the euphoria of an alien abduction scenario where one partner plays a dominant alien and the other plays the attentive prey. With a blend of domination, sci-fi, and oral fixation, it's a potent mix of fantasy and pleasure.

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  • As the moon rises in the October sky, your ordinary bedroom transforms into a spacecraft, the home of a lustful, alien, intent on dominating his captive. The alien, filled with a sexual hunger only his willing 'prey' can satisfy, takes charge of the situation, asserting his dominance. The prey, handed over to the alien's demands, seeks to satisfy their captor's cravings, focusing on their oral fixation.
  • With each scene, the anticipation builds. Control and surrender dance in this intoxicating play, heightening arousal, and fueling the game. As the roleplay progresses, the prey is tasked to provide pleasure to the alien with an emphasis on oral gratification.
  • The prey’s desire to escape becomes a part of the thrill. The challenge: Can the prey satisfy the ravenous alien enough to buy their freedom, or will they succumb to the pleasure? Either way, the journey through the extraterrestrial erotic landscape promises intense pleasure for both players.

Preparation steps:

  • No special preparations are required related to the venue given the indoor scenario. However, setting up your chosen room to mimic a spaceship or alien environment will make the game more immersive. This could include dimming the lights, and using blankets or pillows to create makeshift alien-like structures.
  • As far as outfits are concerned, a 'Sexy adult alien' costume could make the dominant character more convincing, while the prey might consider wear something enticing but easy to remove. Remember, the costume design adds more depth to role-play, so it's worth considering.
  • Lastly, the 'Alien' partner should plan and outline the role play, outlining the narrative and plot points to make the experience more engaging. This should loosely include certain actions each partner should undertake and phrases they might say, based on shared preferences.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Stay in character throughout the game for a heightened experience. However, keep communication open, and use safety words if necessary. The submissive partner, or 'prey', should genuinely enjoy their role to allow seamless surrender to the 'alien'.
  • Also, make the most of the oral fixation aspect of the play, making it a key part of the scenario. It’s important that the prey partner is comfortable with this type of action.
  • As always, consent is integral to the experience. Make sure all activities are agreed upon before the role-play begins, providing a safe and exhilarating experience for both partners.

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