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Agent's Love Assignment

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: $0

Boost up your relationship dynamics by engaging in a fun and mysterious outdoor roleplaying scenario in the streets of New York city. Be an undercover agent seeking out love in the most unexpected circumstances.

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  • The scenario revolves around two undercover agents, navigating the cold and invigorating New York City's streets on a chilly November night. Your partner is an intelligent spy from a top-secret organization tasked with following a highly elusive assassin, which is your roleplaying character.
  • Paragraph1: You, as the assassin, are in a bustling area of Greenwich Village blending in with the crowd. Your partner, the spy, enters the scene, swiftly navigating through the streets, acting on an inside tip-off about the assassin's location, unaware of how his mission will unfold.
  • Paragraph2: The assassin notices the spy, cleverly tips a food cart 'accidentally', creating a slight distraction and slips away into an alleyway. Meanwhile, the spy quickly catches up, steering through the mess, and follows the assassin into the dimly lit alleyway leading to an isolated place.
  • Paragraph3: The chase turns into an electrifying close encounter in the alley, when the Assassin reveals that all this while, he has been expecting the spy. He has known about the chase and purposely led the spy into this cul-de-sac. A surprised, and intrigued spy plays along and sparks fly in the November chill.

Preparation steps:

  • For this adventure, you don't require any extravagant preparation. All you need is a secretive persona and a storyline that you will enjoy together.
  • Paragraph1: Both of you should dress for the weather and as per the intriguing roles you are playing. Perhaps consider a sexy adult trench coat with spy-like sunglasses for the spy, and a suave suit with a hidden face for the undercover assassin.
  • Paragraph2: Plan the exact location of your meeting and the route beforehand. Make sure to choose a crowded location initially like a cafe or a bar at Greenwich Village and a secluded alley to end the chase.
  • Paragraph3: Be familiar with the roles you will play. Read a bit about spies and assassins, watch a movie, this will help make your roleplay more believable and exciting.

You may need

Some tips:

  • This activity is best enjoyed on a chlorous November night to enhance the thrilling mystery of the roleplay.
  • Paragraph1: Always ensure safety and agree signaling a pause or stop to the roleplay. Your own personal comfort and consent are utmost important while engaging in any roleplay.
  • Paragraph2: Keep up the intense vibe, exchange glances, throw mysterious smiles to each other and let the thrill of the chase add up to the finale of the roleplay.
  • Paragraph3: After the roleplay, take time to exchange your experiences, what you liked or what you'd like to try in future scenarios. This will help strengthen your bond and understanding about each others fantasies.

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