Adventurous Indoor Rock Climbing Date in Saint Louis date idea illustration

Adventurous Indoor Rock Climbing Date in Saint Louis

Duration: 4-6 hours
Budget: $50-$75

Spend your afternoon on an adventurous date with a fun-filled session of indoor rock climbing. Look out for easy routes if you're beginners. Afterwards, unwind and connect by crafting creative pottery pieces at a local art studio, showcasing your artistic side. This date idea is perfect for a first date with an outgoing, younger lady who enjoys a presence of adrenaline mixed with creativity in her dates.

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  • This date starts off with an exciting bout of indoor rock climbing. The climb serves to break the initial ice as you assist each other to reach the top of the climbing wall. You share laughter, jokes and moments of accomplishment together. After the climbing session, you both hit a local pottery studio. You sit side by side, getting your hands dirty in clay and crafting your individual pottery pieces. This activity allows you both to explore your artistic sides and to engage in relaxed conversation.
  • As you craft your pottery pieces, you both talk about your interests, hobbies and designs you are creating. You can surprise her with your skills or you both laugh about your lack of skills but yet enjoying every moment. You could also add a competitive element to make it more fun by seeing who can make the best piece of pottery.
  • At the end of the date, you both go home with your own handmade trinkets — physical memories of a special day spent together. The date ends with both of you looking forward to your next adventure.

Preparation steps:

  • Before this adventurous date, you need to make sure you both wear suitable sports attire for the climbing activity, such as comfortable sneakers and workout clothing that allows easy movement.
  • You might also want to make a reservation at the rock climbing center to avoid any inconvenience. Additionally, having some basic knowledge about rock climbing and safety measures would be helpful.
  • As for the Pottery Making part of the date, no preparation is needed as guidance will be provided at the studio. So just show up with a positive mindset and a readiness to learn and create something new.

Some tips:

  • To make the day more fun, come up with friendly challenges during the rock climbing session and pottery making. But remember, the goal here is to encourage and support each other, not to win.
  • Although you're going out on a physically demanding date, remember to take it slow and keep it enjoyable and manageable for her. Show your caring side if she gets nervous or hesitant during rock climbing.
  • After the date, if you feel like extending the evening, consider grabbing a casual meal or a hot beverage nearby. This could be another opportunity for deeper conversation and to unwind after the adventurous and creative evening, putting a lovely cap on the day.

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