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A Passionate Deal

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: High

In the beautiful settings of Bogotá, Colombia, transform an ordinary shopping day into an extraordinary roleplay session. Playing the roles of a customer and a sales assistant, this scenario brings forth loads of excitement and sensual tension that's waiting to be exploited. Sail over the hurdles of usual shopping and transcend into the enticing world of flirtatious battering and irresistible deals, jampacked with plenty of teasing and sensual interludes.

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  • The cozy indoors of a luxurious boutique in Bogotá sets the stage for your adventure. Juan plays the role of a suave and enticing sales assistant while you, the bewitching customer, in and out of the shop just to make a deal. As you trace the fine silhouettes of the displayed items, you're constantly aware of Juan's gaze, and the flirtatious haggling over prices adds a thick layer of sexual tension in the air.
  • A particular high-priced garment catches your eye and the sensual cat and mouse bargaining begins. The negotiations are passionately charged with heavy flirting and teasing included in the package. Unbuttoning the apparel to show clearer, putting it against yourself to prove how good it fits, the sensual innuendos are just too alluring to ignore.
  • As the store 'closes', the sale does not end there. The temperature rises as Juan leads you to the private dressing room. The deed is sealed with an application of a generous discount - a passionate climax to your shopping excursion, leaving both parties entirely satisfied with the deal.

Preparation steps:

  • Start with picking the perfect upscale boutique in Bogotá. Talk to the management prior to ensure you can play out your roleplay uninterrupted. The setup should be convincing enough for both of you to escape into your characters.
  • Juan should dress up as a suave sales assistant, taking care of his appearance, trimming and smelling good. As the customer, dress yourself chic and wear something that makes you feel attractive.
  • Pre-decide on certain signals or cues for interactions: haggling, flirting, and progressing things forward. This will keep the communication going without breaking the scenario.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Remember, it's a game. The goal is to enjoy yourselves. Don't take the haggling too seriously or too personally. Keep it playful and fun.
  • Communication is key. Because this scenario involves a lot of implied communication, the cues and signals you decide on should be clear and understandable to both parties.
  • Lastly, don’t rush things. Take your time to enjoy the roles you are in. The clothing trial, the haggling and teasing should be a slow build-up to your private 'discounted' show.

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