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A Night in Ogre's Forest

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $0

An exciting roleplay scenario that takes place outdoors in a forest. Perfect for a November night, you'll assume the roles of a legendary ogre and his conquest. This adventurous and fun scenario is absolutely free, structured in a way to foster intimacy and communication.

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  • The night falls on an enchanted forest, where you, strong and powerful, lurk in your humble abode as an Ogre. The story tells that you were once feared, but now longing for company. Your partner is the brave and adventurous soul who has knowingly stepped into your territory.
  • On this chilly November night, she arrives, challenging your might and seeking protection in your warm embrace. To earn her place, she plays a game with you, if she wins, she stays for the night; if she loses, she still stays but will have to bear the delightful torment of your command.
  • The game is a carefully planned scavenger hunt with clues scattered around the forest, leading to the prize hidden in your lair. The fun-filled chase will not only entertain and excite but will also create a comfortable platform to experiment and communicate.

Preparation steps:

  • Being in a somewhat chilly climate, dressing appropriately for the outdoors while maintaining the fantasy element is key. Securely pack a portable device playing β€˜forest sounds’ for ambiance. The 'prize' would need to be planned and placed in advance for the scavenger hunt.
  • The Ogre costume would involve green body paint, a little DIY for prosthetics, a crude but warm outfit while the partner could go for an adventurous-looking but warm outfit too. Remember to pack some bug spray, as you'll be out in the wilderness.
  • Since you'll be in a forest, remember to pack a picnic blanket or a warm quilt for you to sit or lie down when necessary, and do remember a flashlight for safety.

You may need

Some tips:

  • This roleplay scenario is adventurous, so keep open communication throughout the night to make sure both of you are comfortable. It is easy to get caught up in the roleplay and forget to keep an eye on the surroundings in the forest. Safety should be your priority.
  • Because you'll be outdoors, it might get chilly in November. Make sure to wear enough layers underneath your costumes to stay warm. Don't forget to bring hot drinks too, they could serve as great props and help you stay warm.
  • Be wary of the sound level while in the forest, you don't want to disturb any wildlife or other visitors. Try to keep the night adventurous, fun, and respectful towards nature, leaving everything as you found it once the game is at an end. Embrace the magic of the fairy tale-like setting to fuel your roleplay.

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