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Writing a love letter to your partner can be a fun and seriously romantic gesture to show your feelings. Getting your emotions penned on a piece of paper can ignite some real sparks in your relationship.

Preparation steps:

  • Set the right atmosphere - choose a room that feels intimate and cozy. Turn off the lights and instead light up a few scented candles. You can use the soft, glowing candlelight to inspire your inner writer.
  • Turn on some slow and romantic music to create a lovely ambience. Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ and ‘All of Me’ by John Legend are a few examples.
  • Buy special stationery just for this occasion. Use colored paper and lightly spray your perfume in the envelope.
  • Decide beforehand what you’ll be writing and then sit down with your partner, giving each other time to write.
  • Once you’re done, hand the letters over and share the romantic moments in silence. Afterwards, you can tell each other what you liked most about the letters or the writing experience.

Some tips:

  • Take it slow - don’t rush to be finished first. Pour out all the emotions you feel for your partner but never get to express.
  • If you’re unsure of what to write, think about how you met, or the small things you adore about your partner.
  • You can even write about your lovemaking - how much you enjoy it and want to spend your life loving your partner and their body.
  • Describe how you fell in love with your partner and how your life has changed thanks to them. Go into detail about how you don’t want to live without them and what your future dreams are that include them.
  • Don’t be shy to go in full flattery mode and tell your partner everything you love and admire about them, and what drives you wild about the things they do.
  • Don’t just end your letter with ‘Love, Amy’. Instead, add something romantic such as ‘Dream of me, my love’ or ‘Yours eternally in body and spirit…’.

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