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The Repairman and The Housewife

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: $100

Do you fancy spicing up the everyday humdrum? Why not try adding a thrill into your routine house chores? This role play scenario will surely provide a refreshing twist to your everyday life when a charming repairman sweeps off a bored housewife off her feet!

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  • A boring afternoon takes a turn when a mysterious visitor knocks on the door. The woman playing the housewife role opens and is immediately taken by the handsome repairman standing at her doorstep. He's there to fix a malfuncioning appliance. Do keep in mind that there should be a clear distinction that the 'repairman' is only playing a part, as a significant part to fuel the fantasy.
  • Being in-character, the 'housewife' invites the 'repairman' in and guides him to his task. While he's busy doing 'repairs', the woman seductively does her household tasks around him. This involves playful, yet innocent, flirtatious acts initially which gradually progress into more daring ones as the scenario develops.
  • The tension and chemistry between the pair intensify, leading to a steamy encounter that defies the mundane setting of the day. It's an exciting thrill of surreptitious escapades and forbidden affairs that make this fantasy a favorite.

Preparation steps:

  • The woman playing the housewife might want to dress in something ordinary yet subtly enticing. An apron could be worn over a semi-revealing outfit that would reveal just enough to tease.
  • The man should dress in a standard issue repairman's uniform. Coveralls, a tool-belt, and a cap will complete the look.
  • To keep the amorous encounter from feeling too staged, strive for natural progression and spontaneous actions. Do not rush, rather enjoy the build-up and tension.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Instead of rushing into the actual encounter, take your time with the build-up. This includes playful flirtations and teasing that can further heighten the anticipation. Maintain the role-playing even after the scenario has concluded to keep the fun vibe lasting.
  • In any roleplay scenario, the use of safe words is highly recommended. This ensures the safety, security, and comfort of all involved.
  • Feel free to personalize the scenario according to your preferences. This can involve spicing up your roles or dialogues to your liking.

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