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Taking a day off from everyday routines to make your partner feel special will help you create wonderful memories and improve your relationship. Turn off your phone, forget about work and chores and dedicate all your time to your partner.

Preparation steps:

  • Before you can even begin to tease your partner, you should feel sexy and get in the right mood. A great way to do this is to take a relaxing bubble bath or soak in rose bath salts.
  • Let your partner know they’re in for something unique. Send them a naughty text or card to tell them you’re going to be focusing on them all day.
  • Don’t rush the teasing - you should spend all day teasing your partner until the night has come. Make them wish the sun would just set already!
  • Kiss your partner unexpectedly. Choose a moment when they would least expect a gesture of desire and kiss them passionately. Make the kiss last for only a few seconds and walk away, keeping eye contact.
  • Although the aim is to be teasing, you should leave some things to the imagination. Consider wearing just enough clothes that you show skin but without revealing too much (a robe is a great idea!). Throughout the day, let them ‘accidentally’ see some more, just to make them that much more eager to see you without all the clothes in the way.
  • Randomly caress your partner’s hand or arm. Run your fingers across their skin and give them a promising smile. Then go do something else so they wish you would have stuck around a few seconds more.
  • If your partner isn’t jumpy, you can grab them from behind and caress their stomach and chest. Do it slowly and with obvious intent. Then, when they’re enjoying it too much, stop and tell them they have to wait a little bit longer.
  • As the night draws closer, increase your teasing. Kiss your partner for longer, show more and more skin - really turn up the heat.
  • Give your partner compliments throughout the day - focus on all the things about your partner that makes you crazy about them. Let them know that you’re still in love and want only them.
  • When the time finally comes to take the teasing to an all-time high, take your partner by the hand and lead them to the bedroom (or wherever you like!). Then tell them the teasing is over and they should be rewarded for being so patient. The reward can be anything both of you will enjoy.

Some tips:

  • Put on your sexiest underwear. Even if your partner won’t see them for a while yet, you’ll feel more attractive and confident knowing what you’re wearing under your clothes.
  • Make sure you choose a day that won’t be inconvenient for your partner. If they’ve got something important to do later or the next day, they won’t be able to enjoy your effort as much.
  • Wear perfume or aftershave that you know your partner loves. When they’re smelling it throughout the day, they’ll be very pleased and a little frustrated.
  • You can play music during the last hour or so of the teasing to really get your partner excited. Play your favorite love songs and make sure to play you two’s special song as well. (If you don’t have one yet, just play those that your partner enjoys most)

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