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Stargazing with your significant other is very romantic - there’s a reason most good romantic movies have this kind of scene. While it makes you feel small it reminds you to treasure the time you have with your date.

Preparation steps:

  • The best time to see stars in their full glory is in the wee morning hours. You’ll have to plan adequately so you have enough snacks and drinks to enjoy.
  • Pack a picnic basket along with a blanket to sit or lie on. Also, pack extra blankets and some pillows because it can get quite cold in the small hours of the night.
  • If you have a telescope or good binoculars, bring them along.
  • Be sure to check the weather. You don’t want to end up soaked or freezing when you’re supposed to cuddle and gaze at the shining stars.
  • Choose your location wisely. For the best viewing experience, you should head outside of the city. Light pollution can make you miss out on a truly beautiful night sky.

Some tips:

  • You can’t plan for shooting stars so don’t be bummed when you don’t see any.
  • Find stars and randomly name them with your date. If you want to be extra cute, name the stars after all the things you love about your partner.
  • Bugs can ruin a good date so be sure to pack some repellant or spray.
  • Take a star map with you and try to find all the constellations.
  • It takes a while for your eyes to adjust to the darkness and really see the stars. Give yourself about half an hour of adjusting before starting to stare at the sky. Use this time to whisper sweet nothings into your date’s ears.
  • Viewing a full moon is deeply romantic but not ideal for watching stars. The moon lights up the sky and makes stars harder to see.

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