Romantic night in tent date idea illustration

Spend some time away from the noisy city with your loved one and enjoy the wonder of nature together. Delight in the starry sky with a crackling campfire and good company.

Preparation steps:

  • Double-check that your tent is still in good shape before the special night. Make sure that you’ve got all the parts and that it’s ready for easy setup. Opt for a two-person sleeping bag so you’ll have enough space for a comfy sleep.
  • Choose an area that is secluded and safe. You don’t want to be interrupted by noisy campers or tipsy party goers. When you reserve your spot, ask for one that is isolated and private.
  • Be sure to check the expected weather before your romantic night. There’s nothing like bad, unfriendly weather to spoil a perfect night with your special person.
  • Pack romantic snacks - strawberries, chocolate, grapes and a bubbly beverage are good ideas. You can settle down on a blanket and feed each other. Another good idea that is a ‘camping must’ is making smores. It’s fun and tasty!
  • Don’t forget to have fresh water and coffee packed too. Waking up to a steamy cup of coffee is the best way to end your romantic tent date. Or you could stay up all night, whispering to each other and making wishes when you see shooting stars.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Have a few activities planned for your day. Although the point is to spend the night next to a magical campfire, you want to spend a memorable day with your date. Just don’t do anything that will make you sweat a lot.
  • Turn off your phones. A great way to really connect with your date is to forget about the rest of the world for a while. Get lost in each other and make memories you’ll cherish forever.
  • If you can play an instrument, do so while you’re nestled with your date. If you can’t, put on some soft music and cuddle. Having a special playlist of your favorite love songs to play in the background is a very romantic idea.
  • Capture the moments. It’s not every day that you get to leave behind the rest of the world and spend quality time with your date and Mother Nature. Take photos of your adventure so you can look back at it one day and remember the fun you had. You can take photos of your surroundings too.

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