Roasted Sausages and Dance under the Stars date idea illustration

Roasted Sausages and Dance under the Stars

Duration: 3-4 hours
Budget: $200 - $300

Enjoy the peacefulness of the woods at evening coupled with a roaring campfire where you'll cook sausages before catapulting them in an amusing game. Then round off the night with dance under the stars while listening to music on your portable speaker.

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  • You and your partner would travel to a serene forest where you'll set up your campfire as the evening falls. Around this fire, you'll cook sausages that will be used for a playful game of sausage tossing. After a round of exciting fun, you'd settle by the fire with a nice warm beverage, your favorite tunes playing from portable speakers, and begin dancing under the stars. The night will be filled with laughter and intimate moments, shared within the confines of nature's beauty.
  • The best part of this date is that it can be as spontaneous or as planned out as you want it to be. The woods present a calm and peaceful escape, the playful game provides excitement, and the dancing brings you even closer together. This date idea is perfect if you're looking to spend quality time together, away from the distractions of city life.
  • To end the date, you could lay down a blanket and gaze at the stars together. An enjoyable game, quiet moments, and thoughtful conversations under the stars come together to form the ideal date for couples seeking adventure, fun, and romance in nature.

Preparation steps:

  • Plan ahead by mapping out the location and getting a permit if necessary. Since it's an outdoor date, the weather plays a significant role, so please ensure to check the forecast beforehand.
  • Pack your campfire equipment and supplies - everything you'll need to roast the sausages and make a warm beverage. Additionally, pack some comfortable outdoor clothes and shoes suitable for the activities.
  • Lastly, don't forget your portable speaker and your chosen playlist. Your choice of music will set the tone for the romantic evening, so choose songs that you both enjoy and that complements the ambiance of the night.

Some tips:

  • Pack bug spray and an extra layer of warm clothes to beat any unexpected insects or sudden drops in temperature.
  • Check with local authorities regarding fire regulations before planning this date. Some areas may have restrictions or need permits.
  • Lastly, remember to put out your fire completely before leaving the site. This date is about romantic escapades and enjoying nature while we can, so it's essential to leave no trace and conserve it for future generations.

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