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Forget about the business of everyday life and have a date in the dark. Pretend that there is no power and you don’t have devices or phones. Party like it’s 1799! Break out the candles and pull out some card or board games and have a peaceful night with your significant other.

Preparation steps:

  • If you’re going to be without power during the date, you’ll likely have to get takeaways or prepare something that doesn’t need cooking. A Crusty Baguette with French cheese with some fresh fruit such as figs and strawberries are delicious meal ideas. Or get a finger food platter.
  • To create a magical ambience, light up dozens of candles. Use long candles, short fat ones and make floating candle bowls. Just be sure to place the candles in safe spots so nothing is set on fire.
  • Light a few scented candles to add to the mood. Don’t light differently scented candles though. The smells might not mix.

Some tips:

  • You’re going to be in the dark so it might be necessary to arrange your furniture so that you have enough space to move around freely.
  • Dust off all your old board games and re-experience the joy of winning at your favorite childhood games. Or lose to make your date feel better. Your choice. Card games can be a lot of fun as well - think strip poker. In fact, you can add ‘strip’ to just about any game and give it a spicy twist.
  • Since you won’t have power, you can’t play music. But if you’re good at playing the guitar or ukelele, strum a few chords and impress your date. Serenade them even if your singing isn’t as good - it’s the romantic thought that counts.
  • Read poetry to each other - either read work by your favorite poets or write your own. Have fun trying to write a poem together that represents your relationship.

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