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If you are looking for a fun and sexy activity for you and your partner, what could be better than strip poker? Even if you don’t have much experience with this great card game, both of you are sure to have a lot of fun throughout the game, and it will only get better once the game is over.

Preparation steps:

  • Playing strip poker can be done with nothing but a deck of cards, but it is even more exciting if you add in a few extras. For example, if you purchase a poker set that includes the cards and chips you need, you can make the game more interesting by assigning articles of clothing based on chip value. (Of course, you can then use your poker set to play regular poker with friends too…but that isn’t nearly as fun!). Consider picking up a poker table cover to make it easy to play the game without losing cards or chips.
  • If you really want to take your strip poker game to the next level, why not incorporate a little role play into the event. For example, you can pick up a chip rake, bow tie, and novelty dealer hats so one (or both) of you can dress up like a sexy dealer. If you are into something a little extra kinky, you can pretend that you don’t know each other, and the player has run out of money and only has their clothes with which to pay their debts. What could be hotter?
  • There are an endless number of ways you can play strip poker. Some people enjoy the excitement of Texas Hold ‘em, which is made even better when clothes are on the table. Others prefer the simplicity of five card stud. No matter which version of poker you choose, try to think of ways to ramp up the erotic aspect of the fun as well. For example, once one person has lost all their clothes, they must ‘pay’ with something else if they lose. This could be a favorite type of foreplay, or they have to complete a sexy dare, or maybe send their partner a sexy picture to remember the night by. No matter how you play, strip poker with your partner is sure to be an evening you will never forget.

Some tips:

  • A standard deck of poker cards is used. Each player receives $500 worth of chips to start. Set the remaining chips aside as the Bank. Fix the blinds at $50 and $100.
  • Every time player loses all his chips (going all in) - he must remove one article of clothing to receive $500 worth of chips from the bank.
  • If there are no clothes remaining - you must perform foreplay activity for your lover. After it you receive $500 worth of chips from the Bank.

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