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Doing a striptease for your partner is a very exciting and thrilling way to rekindle your relationship fires. It can be an intimidating experience but once you get started, you’ll have fun and drive your date wild!

Preparation steps:

  • You may not think it, but stripteasing is a form of exercise so you’ll have to stretch properly before starting to prevent injury. Something as simple as touching your toes and raising your arms high in the air a few times should be good enough.
  • Plan your striptease ahead. You can have your significant other sitting in a chair in your living room or on the edge of your bed. Wherever you want to do your thing, keep distance between you. Make them ache to touch you the whole time.
  • Choose your makeup carefully. Wear colors that make you feel sexy and confident. If you have long hair, do it up so you can shake it loose when you start the striptease.
  • Your striptease doesn’t have to last forever. If it only lasts for one song, that’s fine. Go with what you’re comfortable with.
  • Trust your intuition. You know what your partner likes and what turns them on. Aim to press all his/her buttons.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Wear comfortable but sexy clothes. You have to easily take off your clothes and not struggle with jeans or a tight shirt.
  • Don’t wear layers. Your partner is going to want to see you naked as soon as possible so don’t torture them too much. The striptease will be enough delicious torture!
  • Remove one clothing item at a time and do it slowly. Start by taking off the least important clothing. If you’re wearing stockings or gloves, that’s where you start. Next goes the top and bra, then your thong or panties and last your shoes. Heels are the best striptease shoes.
  • Use eye contact to your advantage. Looking your lover in the eyes will let them know exactly who is in control of this sexy situation.
  • Wearing jewelry can enhance the sexiness. Wearing nothing but a necklace at the end of the striptease will make you feel hot and your partner will love the image. Every time they see the jewelry from now on, they’ll remember the show you put up.
  • Move slowly - every move you make must be loaded with seduction and entice your partner. Take small steps, and sensually move your hips (some practice at this before the time won’t hurt).
  • End the striptease by slowly taking off your partner’s clothes. Do this without letting them touch you. Continue the tease for as long as possible!

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