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Whether you’ve been together for a few weeks or a couple of years, date night does not have to be routine or boring. Pretending to meet for the first time and pick each other up at a bar is an exciting way to spice things up. The idea is to head over to a nearby bar separately and then flirt up a storm while acting as if you and your lover are complete strangers.

Preparation steps:

  • Since the Coronavirus is making this kind of activity a bit tricky, you can always set things up at home. Choose a room, set it up as a bar and play out the stranger fantasy in the comfort of your home.
  • Put on your sexiest outfit and make sure you’re wearing your partner’s favorite perfume or aftershave. The point is to drive them wild without saying too much as you sit at the bar making eye contact and subtly flirting. If you smell great to them, then half the ‘seduction battle’ is won.
  • If possible, find a bar or restaurant that you don’t frequently visit. The surroundings must be new. If you’re doing this at home, darken the room with curtains and play music that neither of you knows to set an unfamiliar vibe.
  • Spend some time away from each other before the night of fun. Don’t have sex so you’ll want each other even more when you’re flirting and being seductive. There’s nothing like sexual tension to give your relationship some spice!
  • Have your favorite drinks ready so you can really loosen your inhibitions and get carried away.
  • Take a taxi home if you can - it’s safer if you’ve been drinking and feels more authentic. (Some people prefer to use a taxi rather than drive around with the sexy stranger they just met)

Some tips:

  • You need to pretend that you don’t know each other’s buttons and have to figure out what makes each other tick. Playful flirting is a great way to get to know what ‘the stranger’ likes.
  • Don’t make it too easy for your partner: you both have to ‘work for it’. If you have to put some effort into the flirtatious exchange, finally getting to the bedroom will be much more rewarding.
  • Be as alluring as possible during this fun activity. Remind your partner why they fell for you in the first place.
  • If you’re feeling very adventurous, you can even wear disguises to create a more believable ‘stranger encounter’. Wear a wig and sunglasses or dress up in something that you won’t normally wear.

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