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What’s sexier than lying in a bed with silk sheets feeding your partner chocolate-dipped strawberries and sipping on chilled champagne? Doing this in a dimly-lit room that smells divine.

Preparation steps:

  • Decorate the room. You want your bedroom to be a special and intimate environment where you and your partner can see, feel and smell only each other. If you can, have silk linen on your bed. They feel very sensual on the skin. Have the curtains drawn to create an extra sense of privacy.
  • Have sexy snacks ready. Whether you love strawberries and chocolate or peaches and cream, you should have something yummy to feed your partner. Eat some aphrodisiacs to spice things up a bit. Figs, chocolate, oysters, strawberries and wine or champagne should do the trick. Ice cream is also a brilliant idea for those warm and sultry nights.

Some tips:

  • Dim the lights to create semi-darkness in your room. Or light a few scented candles to create a lovely ambience.
  • Don’t be afraid of props. It can be fun to introduce new experiences to your sexy times. You can use edible body paints if your feeling creative. They’re available in many flavors, from chocolate to fruit like passion fruit and cherry.
  • Treat each other to massages. Grab a bottle of massage oil and take turns to relieve each other’s stress. You don’t have to be a master at this art - something as simple as working the oil into your partner’s shoulders and back could be good enough.
  • Fire and ice - Something as simple as an ice cube can make your bedroom play a lot sexier. Your nerves react to cold temperatures and when you follow it with a warm caress or kiss it can be quite a titillating experience. Run the ice cube over your partner’s back or stomach and be sure to check that he or she is enjoying it.

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